Monday, October 09, 2006

The Convert (to Love)

When she was young
Sex was a ride
A bold new world of thrills and chills
On which young girls lost their giggle
And young men lost their wills

"A roller-coaster of emotion"
Her diary dubbed the wave of ectasy and guilt
But passion was no longer the fashion
The first month no blood was spilt

When she came back
Sex was a mirror
Of the way a not-so-sweet sixteen would feel
On some days it was the way to live
On others, a weapon with which to kill

They told each other they were happy
Sometimes she was convinced that they were
Until he returned from the war
in which his hopes were all whored
And she became convinced that she could never
be sure

Her career began, and
Sex was a promise
Broken, never kept
It always looked so hopeful
'Til the moment that they slept

Love was often spoken
Tenderness sometimes felt
But their dance was done and their song was sung
When morning-after sun made bad recordings melt

In her lie's prime
Sex was a god
That always made wrong right
Whether for a week, a month, a half a year
Or just one lonely night

Some of the men were single
Some of them were not
Some of them were in-between
And some of them forgot

But those relationships did not matter
For when fornication was a must
And your love was so bored that orgasm was lord
As his slave no man could you trust


Entering twilight
Sex was a cloud
That partially eclipsed a sight quite new
A man who laughed and drank and danced and sang --
And loved you the next day too

He was too old to be nieve ...
Was he too young to be innocent?
She swore to a friend that if he didn't get her to bed
He wasn't a man but an angel that heaven had sent

When they were "just friends"
Sex was an albatross
That perched upon her soul
Whatever he was, he was too good to lose
But would he not flee if he was to know?

So she would lower him to her level
And then he would have to stay
But deep down she knew that if his love was true
She would not now want him that way

When she admitted
Sex was a sin
She became both enlightened and enraged
In her mind she was upset that he would not yet
have sex --
But in her heart she wanted to get engaged

She wept when she thought how they never had slept
But soon a joyous thought did occur;
He would sleep with no other lover
If he would not yet sleep with her

And when she saw
Sex was a sacrament
Her demons whispered it would not last
when she told him her past --
But then he said love forgives a multitude of sins
And mysteriously into hell all her fears Christ then cast

And when she described in detail all her darkness
And found through love he still could forgive
All the things about God she had found so hard
She most naturally began to live

And then came the day that they both did say
To the world a man and woman could be one
And then came the night that it first was right
And peacefully she slept and dreamt
of both daughter and son

Thomas Augustine O'Toole
Feasts of the Triumph of the Cross
and Our Lady of Sorrows
Sept. 14-15, 1984

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JimAroo said...

I am not the "poetic" type but this is a great piece - I will use it in our work with engaged couples. One of biggest challenges in this ministry is preventing the sacrilegious reception of the Sacrament of Matrimony and Holy Communion on the wedding day!