Friday, November 03, 2006

FIT Joins SD Fight for Life

"The time is now. The place is South Dakota."
-- South Dakota Pro-Life Slogan
Fighting Irish Thomas declares itself firmly behind South Dakota's Fight for the Life of the Unborn, where the question of whether abortion will be outlawed is actually being put up for popular vote Tuesday.

prolifeamerica.comThe story background goes like this. After the South Dakota senators and representatives had the guts to pass the country's first state law earlier this year banning most abortions, the Pro-Choice forces sprung into action, exercising South Dakota's option to get signatures and put the new law up for popular vote. At first, the Pro-Life people thought this decision laughable, because earlier in the summer, polls showed that South Dakota citizens favored the new legislation by at least a twenty percent margin. But after the Pro-Choicers poured millions into deceptive information and advertising, it is now "Satan laughing with delight," for recent polls show this vote at a "dead" heat. The Planned Parenthood people knew that this law could have a domino effect on pro-abortion laws in other states, so they worked 24/7 for the pro-abortion vote, as well as to get each pro-death vote to the polls on Tuesday. So South Dakota's Pro-Life forces are now fighting back, and are asking for the world's help.

prolifeamerica.comI, too, am asking FIT readers to do all they can. Pray! Fast! Send checks or cash! If the Holy Spirit leads you, "get your motor runnin' and head out on the highway" to South Dakota, and be a live witness for Pro-Life this weekend. Visit "" for more ideas and details.

Know that this is a battle fit for all the country's Catholics. If we all go to Mass today on First Friday, and tomorrow on First Saturday, I know the Lord's Sacred Heart and Mary's Immaculate Heart will open South Dakota's hearts as well, and "Ol' Notre Dame will win over all" who desire death.

prolifeamerica.comLet's hear it:
Go SD! Beat Demons!
Go SD! Save Babies!


irish1 said...

Hi tom great article! Your right we must all pray that abortion be banned in jesus name! Hey i have a yahoo360 page with a rss feed so if it is possible i'd like to put your website on their. So i need your url so let me know God bless jim mueller

JimAroo said...

Thank you for bringing this up - I had no idea this election was so close- we will double up on prayers for that intention. The pro abort crowd is so afraid of any victory we might get because they know we will have them on the run then and that's where we want them... on the run. "We're going inside of ‘em, we're going outside of ‘em -- inside of ‘em! outside of ‘em! -- and when we get them on the run once, we're going to keep ‘em on the run....." you know the rest.