Monday, January 22, 2007

Remember O Most Gracious Virgin: Help us Halt Obama and Abortion

Virgin Mary and JesusOn the heels of celebrating the life of our great American Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., and on the day that we commemorate the death of thousands of unborn children (the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade), we hear the announcement (if you can indeed hear an announcement on the Internet!) that the new “King,” Barack Obama, is running for President.

Barack's presidential barrage is bad news on at least two levels. First, it not only shows how securely Satan has snatched the (now) so-called Civil Rights movement Democrats like King used to rightly proclaim, but because the solidly pro-choice Obama is so darn likeable—unless we can come up with a truly inspiring pro-life candidate to match up against him—there is little doubt Barack will be the next president.

And what's so terrible about that pray tell? Heck, even I think the guy seems pretty cool, and when I examine all the undesirable candidates (for example, I can hardly even look at Hillary) and see what a mess Bush has made of Iraq, in the back of my mind I start to think, “Maybe Barack Obama wouldn't be so bad.”

In the end times many Catholic authors (among them Bud MacFarlane Jr. in Pierced by a Sword and Michael D. O'Brien in Father Elijah), have predicted that the Antichrist would not be a raving maniac like Hitler or even a fiery prophet (a la MLK Jr.) but a thoroughly articulate, always thoughtful, well-spoken, good looking and UNIVERSALLY POPULAR chap who has the seeming ability to unite the masses—not unlike the Messiah many of the Jews had hoped for—only better. And yet it is precisely such a person who can actually get the average DaVinci Code Catholic to agree to anything (even their own death) until it is too late.

Obviously we must pray. Even “W” was good enough to win against a condescending millionaire (and his ketchup-Queen wife) like John Kerry, but this time an earnest conservative without depth just won't do. We need someone with the passion of Alan Keyes but the compassion of Mother Teresa. It won't be easy. But that's why the praying (not only for an end to abortion and euthanasia but for a president who will get it done) must start now. I'm not saying Barack Obama is the Antichrist. But, unless B.O. has a St.-Paul-like conversion before the Iowa caucus, I do know that the devil still has the ability to offer Barack the whole world (see Matt: 4:8-9) and make him into one.


Bryan said...

I don't know Tom, why should we rely on lawmakers to define morality? My understanding is that morality is purely internal - written on the tablets of our hearts. Others cannot be coerced into following our morals, they must do so of their own choice. God gave us the gift of choice, and while we can offer others advice we cannot make their choices for them. Surely the best a Catholic can do is provide an arguement (in this instance) that is "pro-life" as the Americans call it. Those who seek salvation can be aided by others, but cannot blindly follow them.

Just a thought. P.S - I like this blog, your words are very stimulating. Keep it up!

Tom O'Toole said...

Bryan -- Of course it's good to take care of your own Catholic business and the faith of your family (which JPII called "the domestic Church") first. But if people like Abraham Lincoln didn't fight for law changes, there would still be slaves in our "free" country, and if Martin Luther King, Jr. didn't protest, blacks would still be unable to attend decent schools or eat at nice restaurants in America, or face arrest from drinking out of a "white" drinking fountain on a hot summer day. Both are important -- and thanks for the site compliment...

Pristinus Sapienter said...

B.O. is more actually left of Downstate Dickie, when you consider his vague policy ideas - veritable 'planks in his eyes'. But, too, he demonstrates how feel-good emotionalism drives so many who ought to know - as in use-their-minds - better. I just can't see the conservative forces coming up with such a Hitler-like soothsayer as B.O. I must say I play the dummy hand to Sharpton's 'he ain't black enough' - B.O. ain't enough enough. And, a sort of Carterite shade and Billary shadow.

Tom O'Toole said...

Pristinus - Thanks for your two insightful comments on Illinois' illustrious(!) jr. senator ... I can't help it, but Barack reminds me a lot of the Antichrist figures in some of my favorite Catholic novels, such as Michael D. O'Brien's Father Elijah. As far as "The Q Question," I'll e-mail you.