Monday, February 19, 2007

Celebrating BVM Day at Notre Dame

The Fighting Irish Thomas readers, as well as the Suffering Irish had a reason to celebrate this past Valentine's Day as the University of Notre Dame, for the first time in five years was able to celebrate the BVM. No, not the Blessed Virgin Mary (although one would hope she is honored there every day), but the Banishment of The Vagina Monologues.

For the uninitiated, The V-Monologues is a repulsive sexually explicit play that, among other things, glorifies lesbian rape and group masturbation. Although Father John Jenkins denounced the play for its "graphic description of homosexual, extramarital heterosexual and auto erotic experiences" when he took over the reigns as university president just over a year ago, he later bowed to activist pressure and once again allowed the play to be shown on campus in 2006, albeit after restricting it to a classroom rather than theater presentation. Thus the reason it was not performed on campus this year was not due to Jenkins' objections, but to the fact the English Department refused to sponsor it—not to mention the many groups, most notably the Cardinal Newman Society who rallied and prayed against it.

However, before we celebrate too much, FIT also was informed that the Notre Dame Sociology Department, which sponsors the play on campus every other year, still plans an on-campus performance in 2008. With much thanks to Our Lady Queen of Victory for this year's triumph of decency at Notre Dame, we must continue to pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary that BVM Day changes from Banishment of The V-Monologues Day to Banning The V-Monologues Forever . . . not only at Notre Dame, but at the other twenty-two Catholic campuses that still regularly show it as well. Now if we could only get a "B McB Day" at ND going . . .

(FIT reader Jim Aroo also contributed to this report.)

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