Thursday, February 01, 2007

Top Ten Greatest Sports Movies (from a "FIT" Catholic perspective)

10 Akelia & the Bee—(OK, it's about a spelling bee, but it's broadcast on ESPN. Great ending!)

9 Seabiscuit—(Yes, it's a horse, but his rider's a Catholic)

8 Friday Night Lights—(Violent but poignant)

7 Radio—(Weis can relate)

6 Glory Road—(Remember the Titans basketball style)

5 Knute Rockne All-American—("Win one for the Gipper")

4 Field of Dreams—(Mystical father & son reunion)

3 Remember the Titans—(B&W working together never better)

2 Rudy—(Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!)

1 Cinderella Man—(Great pre-fight Rosary scene)

Honorable Mention—Coach Carter, Rocky Balboa

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