Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Comment on "My Take on Tech"

While I receive a fair amount of comments (both good and bad) on my blog articles, sometimes they are so touching they deserve to be posted as blogs themselves. The following comment I received on Catholic Exchange concerning "The Morning of Mourning: Our Take on Tech."

"My daughter is a sophomore engineering student at VT, and we are so grateful to have her home with us right now, dealing with the tragedy as a family. I totally agree with Tom O'Toole's read on the situation: we are dealing with the Forces of Good and Evil, of God and Satan, rather than with logistics, security, psychology, or any other human factor. Our personal irony is that, for the last four years, our older daughter has been attending a university in Richmond, which one source described as the "9th most dangerous city in the U.S." We have been so concerned about her safety going to school in the downtown area, where statistics would indicate a greater risk to a student's personal safety, than in the relatively isolated mountains and fields of western Virginia. This is one reason I am so convinced that the source of the mass murder at Tech originates with that one person's mental illness and the darkness in his spirit, with whatever led to his decision to plan and execute such an extreme crime. What a weighty example of the influence one individual can have on so many others, for evil—or, we should remember, for good. John Paul II and St. Teresa of Calcutta are bright examples of the latter. May God in His mercy grant eternal light to the victims of the murders, and may perpetual light shine upon them. May He grant their families and friends the comfort of His presence. And may this tragedy remind all of us how close we are to Eternity at every moment of every day, and inspire us to stay close to Jesus and His Blessed Mother to be ready for that time when we leave this earthly existence."



Pristinus Sapienter said...

Your blog to the CE blogs was right on the target. It is no wonder that an involved parent could so enhance your words.

Those of us who get close to God can no longer wonder what sin and evil and Satan can inflict on humanity. We can exhort that so-called 'experts' look in every wrong direction. However, in their very sins they are unlikely to go to God, eh?

Of course, it helps that you are a Dad to college and near-college young adults. You can permit the whole story to settle into your depths, relating to all involved. So, too, you arose with your excellent commentary.

May you live long enough to comment on the incredible wonder of great-grandchildren - you do and they will deserve that.

Tom O'Toole said...

Pristinus Sapienter - Sometimes you are too kind ... but thanks! -Tom