Wednesday, April 04, 2007

FIT's Top Ten Worst Candidates for President—from Bad to Worst

10 Mitt Romney (R)—"Marriage is between a man and a woman ... and woman and woman;" Romney SAYS he's joking and he's now pro-life, but after reading Bud Mcfarlane Jr.'s Pierced by a Sword, both his millions and Mormonism make me nervous.

9 Newt Gingrich (R)—This "family values" double-divorcee had the gall to publicly criticize Clinton's infidelity in the midst of his own. No, Newt, cheating on your spouse is NOT the gateway to the presidency.

8 Joseph Biden (D)—Calling Obama fresh and clean only made his pro-death campaign all the more dirty.

7 Bill Richardson (D)—Banning cock-fights in New Mexico does not exactly make Richardson pro-life.

6 John Edwards (D)—I can sympathize with his family tragedies, but that can't translate into a pro-abortion vote. Besides, too much primping is not presidential.

5 Al Gore (D)—While not officially running for president (but why is he included in popularity polls if he isn't?), this "Inconvenient Truth" has convinced millions that a theory (global warming) has replaced a fact (abortion/euthanasia) as the number one threat to our planet.

4 Nancy Pelosi (D)—This poster child for "Cafeteria Catholic" is also not running for president, but after ignoring Bush's policy of diplomatic dealings with rogue nations and visiting with terrorist leaders in Syria, she is in effect saying, "Hey, I'm third in line for the White House! Get rid of mean ol' George and Dick and then you can deal with nice lil' Nancy."

3 Rudy Giuliani (R)—This pro-abortion Republican publicly flaunted his marital infidelity and was referred to by the late John Cardinal O'Connor as "a snake." And the snake is a symbol for?

2 Hillary Clinton (D)—Her icy glare and pro-death rhetoric is about as subtle as Hitler. At least her husband had a pleasant smile.

1 Barack Obama (D)—He HAS a nice smile and therein lies the rub. Barack "The Aborter" Obama is the compassionate killer, with the capacity to convince millions that "murder" is the new synonym for "mercy."


Pristinus Sapienter said...

You forgot McCain - another divorced duck, this one with authoritarian ways.

You forgot a niche for every candidate out there. They all are under the guns of 'personal politics' because they all personally stink! I mean, they all just BEG for ad hominem attacks; shooting fish (dead already: that stink) in a barrel!

Actually, SanFranNan might be a good pick for Prexy because we'd all quickly know just why we really need different (honest, faithful, steady, 'red-statesman') candidates when she comes up for re-election.

Politics! Pffsst! It's worse all the time! Decent folk just won't run, anymore.

JimAroo said...

Rudy shot himself in both feet yesterday. He crossed the boundary no Republican dare cross. I call it the Henry Hyde Divide. He reaffirmed his belief in abortions paid for with tax dollars. Bye Bye Rudy.

McCain, except on Iraq, obviously belongs in the Democratic Party.

However it is easy to say no one is any good so I wont vote or I will vote 3rd party.... thats how we got Clinton. Everybody wants a choice that doesn't exist

And here is a fact- for the nation as a whole, the worst Republican is better than the best Democrat. I think the Catholic vote will decide the 2008 election and thats why we will have a pro abort pro euthanasia democratic president elected by Catholics.

We have met the enemy - and he is us.