Monday, April 30, 2007

Hope for Obama? Barack Stumbles Upon the Truth

Barack Obama was in East LA yesterday sermonizing on the fifteenth anniversary of the Rodney King riots, as any good black presidential candidate should. With Stevie Wonder swaying in the background, it was no wonder Obama chose this site, a city where racial tension and African-American unemployment still looms large, to sway the minority voters. And while lines like, "We have now spent half a trillion dollars on a war that should never have been authorized, when we could have invested it in jobs and infrastructure in South Central Los Angeles or the South Side of Chicago ..." got the black crowd going, his diatribe of predictable democratic platitudes did not get Mr. O'Toole to his computer. Rather, it was his fond recollection of a riot news item, about the saving of a woman and (yes!) her unborn baby, that set Fighting Irish Thomas to writing.

As you may recall, almost as soon as the four police officers were acquitted in the beating of Rodney "Can't we just all get along?" King, rioting hit the East LA streets, and over one thousand buildings were damaged and hundreds of people were injured before the troubles were over. But Barack focused on the plight of one pregnant woman who was shot in the abdomen and rushed to the hospital. Although things initially looked bleak for the two, after a risky surgery and miraculous recovery, both the baby (yes, Barack listed the infant first) and mother were fine.

"Even in the midst of violence and despair there's always something to be hopeful for," Obama articulated. "That baby represents the rising up of hope out of darkness and despair."

Unfortunately Obama didn't seem to grasp the obvious; this baby, who was at the stage of gestation where partial birth abortion, a procedure that Barack backed but the Supreme Court recently made illegal, would have then been the preferred Democratic Party option for a poor woman from East LA. But what if we were to change the story to a woman who was on her way to have a partial birth abortion, but a riot injury threatened to prevent this procedure—possibly to the point she'd have to carry the baby to term (and birth)? But in the nick of time, an ambulance driver risked his life to get her to the mill on time, where an abortion doctor risked his (eternal) life to perform the gruesome procedure seconds before it could be considered infanticide! Would Barack have told THAT story?

The answer is (unless he was speaking to the president of NOW or Planned Parenthood) of course not. Murder does not bring hope—only life does. And just as Barack correctly noted the baby's safety before the mom's, the hope we draw from new life comes first from the child, then the mother. While it may be a nice detail to the story if the mom is one hundred percent happy about the pregnancy, or already has enough money to send the child through college, it isn't a necessary one. For a new baby can bring new hope to a new mom too. On the other hand abortion brings about the same resolution as a riot—destruction, death and despair. And it is for that reason you don't hear candidates telling many heroic stories about them.

I'm not sure if Senator Obama writes his own speeches, but I think he needs to read this one—and pray over the ending. Perhaps the Fighting Irish Thomas interpretation (as well as a few calls, prayers, and e-mails from its readers) could help him come to the right conclusion.

Fighting Irish Thomas: Catholicism, Politics, Saints, and Notre Dame


JimAroo said...

I can remember when the Reverend Jesse Jackson campaigned AGAINST abortion on demand because it was a tool of white genocide against people of color. The rev had it right. A black baby in the womb is far more likely to be aborted. The Grandmother (if we may call her that) of all pro aborts is Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. She was the biggest racist in American history. So the liberals are consistent in their racism.

I have been observing politics since I was 13 years old and have never figured out why any African American ever voted democrat.

So what happened to the Rev. Jackson? Well one day in the late 70s, he got the notion he could run for President. He is a samrt fellow and when he analyzed the situation, he realized that, even then, he wasnt going anywhere in the Democratic Party unless he was a total pro abort. So this man of the cloth changed shirts.
Ever since, sincerity and the Reverend Jackson have never been seen in the same room.

So any Black politician who is pro abort is an enemy of his race and a phony to boot. If only Malcolm X were still alive to at least tell the truth about the Black "leadership".

Tom O'Toole said...

JimAroo - I've heard that about Jesse Jetstream (Mike Royko's old nickname for Jackson) but some people told me that MLK Jr. also did the flip flop. I'm not sure if that's true - I've only read powerful pro-life stuff by King. And Margaret Sanger is definitely one bad American that the public schools do not teach the truth about. -Tom

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this as I had not been aware of the event. Barack Obama is dangerous because, with a smiling, seemingly benevolent face, he offers the world but never explains how he will accomplish anything. His followers blindly follow him - few knowing what he really stands for - that's frightening.
- Donna