Thursday, April 19, 2007

The War on Abortion, Part I: Building Upon the Partial Birth Victory

For pro-life activists, the battle against legalized abortion could be described as a war with Satan himself. So while Wednesday's Supreme Court 5-4 decision upholding the Partial Birth Abortion Ban (signed into law by President Bush in 2003) certainly gives the pro-life forces a toehold in the land of the unborn, be aware that Satan is always most dangerous when he is wounded.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, speaking logically for the (finally!) Supreme Court's moral majority, wrote that opponents of this ban "have not demonstrated that the act would be unconstitutional in a large fraction of relevant cases." Meanwhile Ruth Bader Ginsburg, mouthing platitudes for the dissenters, found the ruling "alarming," "failing to respect the court's abortion precedents," and "deprives women the right to make an autonomous choice, even at the expense of safety." Certainly on the surface the "safety" claim is ludicrous. But unfortunately there is some serious sinister sneakiness in this bitter old lady's (I have trouble referring to Ginsburg as "Justice") safety claims.

While some of Ginsburg's objections to the decision, such as her criticism of Kennedy for "referring to surgeons who perform abortions not by the titles of their medical specialties but by the pejorative label 'abortion doctor'" (would she prefer "baby-killer?") are laughable, the health issue is not—and here's why. While typical partial birth (D&X) abortion which involves dilating the cervix and removing most or all of the baby except the head, then puncturing the baby's skull and removing its brains, is never a totally safe procedure for the mother (not to mention it comes perilously close to crossing the line of infanticide) some procedures are even more dangerous. Pro-aborts sigh that since this ruling is "vague" (or in pro-life language "definitive") enough to include late term intact dilation and evacuations (intact D&Es) perhaps the only way they can now legally perform (i.e. get around the law) late term abortions is non-intact D&Es (chopping the baby into pieces within the womb and then removing the pieces and the baby is dead) or perhaps poisoning the baby and then removing the murdered fetus intact. Obviously both of these procedures usually carry far more risks for the mom during her last trimester when the child is close to birth weight, so don't be surprised if some monsters from Planned Parenthood or the National Organization of Women propose a plot to put some naive teenage girls in jeopardy with such procedures, hoping a few young mom deaths will gain them some solidarity with the fence sitter, not to mention sympathy from the devil.

With so much at stake, we cannot expect the enemy to play fair. Momentum is on our side and with several state legislatures now writing laws to enact laws banning abortion as early as twelve weeks, and a South Dakota (Remember O Most Gracious Virgin, South Dakota) law (requiring doctors to tell women seeking an abortion that the procedure would "terminate the life of a whole, separate unique, living human being") currently before the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, the pro-life victories have a potential to snowball. But we MUST seek reinforcements.

So today I ask the enlistment of all young people, especially young women, to aid us in this life or death task. Do not be duped by the tired cries pseudo-leaders like Senator Hillary Clinton, who moans, "this decision is an erosion of constitutional rights ... a dramatic departure of four decades upholding a woman's right to choose." Instead be swayed by the words of fearless 16-year-old (and my daughter) Therese O'Toole, who declares (in a letter to a local abortion mill), "Since 1973, abortion has been called a 'choice.' However, when one chooses abortion, what is really chosen is the killing of a human being, their baby ... The choice is killing a baby, or letting them live, rather the choice should be who will care for them; you or another deserving family ..."

You may be too young to run for president—or even too young to vote. But you are never too young to choose the road that leads to the title of "Saint."

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Pristinus Sapienter said...

Saint Therese O'Toole - nice ring!

(Uh - Therese - when you get there pray for your Dad and I if you don't see us - we'll be doing yeoman's work in Purgatory.)

The sole rational thing I saw in disappointment about this decision was from a writer who wants no one - not the courts, not the legislatures, not the physicians, not the mothers - to have a say in human life.

Can't say that I disagree with him.