Friday, May 11, 2007

Jim and Rita O'Toole: A Golden Day for Golden Parents

Congratulations to Jim and Rita O'Toole (my parents!) on their 50th Wedding Anniversary today. My dad inspired me early on with the love of the faith, and my attendance at daily Mass can be attributed directly to him, not to mention my fondness of ol' Notre Dame—my attendance there made it three generations of Domer O'Tooles.

As for my mom, her cooking early on inspired in me a love for frozen pizza. Just kidding mom! True, I fed Whimsey, our dog, a great deal of the meatloaf that I was served over the years (no wonder she lost control of her bowels at age 10!) but you also gave me my wacky sense of humor, not to mention a love for my other Mother, Our Lady, as well. Raising six boys and two girls couldn't have been easy for you, especially when we were all (including Whimsey) in the station wagon at the same time en route on our nine-hour summer vacation excursion to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (and Whimsey started passing gas) but somehow you managed with flying colors. Congratulations, or, as Our Lord would say, "Well done my good and faithful servants." You're the best!

Your son,

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