Thursday, May 10, 2007

Life's short—get a divorce? W.W.P.S. (what would Preca say?)

After taking a welcome respite from writing about the weary ways of the world to pen a tribute to Blessed George Preca, I was immediately struck by how a racy head-lined billboard fulfilled the prophecy of what this holy man thought a future faithless world would be like. The featured FGA Law Firm billboard is not only a slap in the face of the sixth commandment, but pretty much 180 degrees (or whatever temperature hell is) from what Jesus taught on the subject of divorce (Matt. 19:3-11).

As for Preca, he lived at a time where the world was just beginning "to be dominated by propaganda and advertisements," and he lamented that, "Catholics are making a great deal of fuss ... [over] shows that never seem to end." Fortunately this Chicago-based billboard (at least thus far) has a happy ending, as Ald. Burton Natarus, the notorious City Council speech-maker who was finally voted out of office after years of discussing such topics as the difference between dog and horse poop and why the latter needs a special ordinance, made removing the ad (on a permit technicality) the last official act of his colorful 36-year career.

Of course, FGA spokeswoman Corri Fetman (pictured) who not only is a lawyer but judging from her fetching pose (and interesting choice of words) apparently approves of this method of "processing" a divorce herself, declares, "They ripped down our billboard without due process ... we own that art ... I feel violated," and plans the obligatory appeal.

Now, if Ms. Fetman and partner Kelly Garland actually were to win their legal challenge and get the billboard put back up, then Blessed Preca's Society would really be necessary. For then, they could put up a sign next to FGA's featuring some hip but modestly dressed "Society" gals and guys pointing to the offending message, saying, "These lost souls were not adequately catechized! Don't lose your head! Join the M.U.S.E.U.M today!" Because in Chicago, a city famous for the Art Institute, Science and Industry and Field Museums, Blessed Preca's M.U.S.E.U.M. still is the one we sorely lack.

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Pristinus Sapienter said...

I have long considered divorce the proto-entry-level catastrophic sin. It has been collapse of Sacramental Matrimony - gratia minima, the so-called Reformation and even more so-called Enlightenment - that has led to
+ unconscientious divorce,
+ gratuitous domestic abuses,
+ belittling committed partnership unto family,
+ minimizing the value of children unto contraception and abortion as well as
+ 'dumbing-down' of education even as catechesis.

If the unity so evocative of Trinity, Christ and His Church, devotions to community and civilization, etc., can have any man or woman put it asunder, what is left that cannot be destroyed?