Friday, May 25, 2007

"The World" Ends "The Period"
The End of the World, Period.

"Rather, each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire conceives and brings forth sin, and when sin reaches maturity it gives birth to death" (James 1:14,15).

Satan's scientists have convinced politically-correct (and, knowing how the drug companies operate, potentially corrupt) U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials to approve a birth control pill that stops monthly bleeding indefinitely—making the menstrual period a thing of the past.

Unlike the twenty-one-days-on, seven-days-off birth control pills of old, "Lybrel" not only prevents pregnancies but "suppresses headaches, tender breasts, cramps and nausea" (according to Wyeth, the drug company that produces it), and, by turning PMS into PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) Lybrel will no doubt soon be touted as a solution to world peace as well.

"The more choices the better," says an ecstatic Darryn Dunbar, associate medical director for Chicago Planned Parenthood. "Lybrel is a great option for women," she says of the pill that contains low doses of the two hormones, ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel, already widely used for this purpose.

"When dealing with a new concept we're always met with the 'Is it safe?' question," said a superior-sounding Dr. Lee Shulman, the head of reproductive genetics at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. "Low doses of any drug is always good," he condescendingly stated. "And the elimination of a period will cause no harm whatsoever."

But will it? Although the statement sounds good, there is no evidence that lower dosages of hormones will make this pill any safer than previous ones, which have had more than their share of side effects. In fact in the only year-long study of the drug, a full fifty percent of the women dropped out of the experiment, mostly from painful unscheduled bleeding or spotting. "But the bleeding usually stops by the fourth month!" an undeterred Dunbar replied, apparently perturbed those ungrateful women couldn't hack it a couple of months longer. But if that wasn't enough, only fifty-nine percent of the women who persevered were not bleeding after six months.

This drug's not-exactly-stellar success rate gives a thinking person much to ponder. If a new food was tested and only fifty-nine percent of its ingesters ate it without getting violently ill, would it not be shelved forever? But the corporate heads of big drug companies and their ally Planned Parenthood do not think like St. James.

They serve Dark Lords, and seek to breed rebels of a devilish cause, who are bred to believe that if pregnancy is an inconvenient truth that can be terminated, the menstrual cycle must be an annoying period that should be eliminated. They seek to hide the end result—death—that James states so clearly.

Fortunately, to date, most of the women surveyed, ranging from Karen Zimmerman (London, Ontario), "It just doesn't seem natural," to Lauren Melnick (Cleveland, Ohio), "I think it sounds odd," to Kelly Knight's (Chicago) decisive, "It's unhealthy ... it's scary," are still sane enough to at least question it. "While I can understand why women [with extreme menstrual bleeding] would take [Lybrel], for most women menstruation is a normal life event—not a medical condition," cautioned University of New Hampshire sociologist Jean Elson. "Why medicate away a normal life event if we are not even sure of the long-term effects?"

But we do know the long-term effects just as surely as James did nearly two thousand years ago. If contraception gives birth to sin, then this sexually sinful mentality gives birth to death; both to the new life—by abortion—and the old—by venereal disease, AIDS (and now) birth control complications. And if you can think of a worse pro-choice lifestyle side effect than eternal damnation, please let me know.

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JimAroo said...

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature or God! Any time you stop a natural process, there are dangerous consequences. Thirty years from now we will all be wearing red ribbons to support research for uterine or cervical cancer caused by thwarting God's design.

God wrote our owners' manual on proper use and maintenance of our bodies.... you disobey the manufacturer at your own peril!