Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Jack (Kevorkian) is Back—And "Dr. Death" Never Looked Grimmer

While many of today's headlines are depressing, some are such downers you can barely read the words, let alone comment on them. To me, the release of "Black Jack" Kevorkian, alias Dr. Death is one such story.

Kevorkian was released last week after serving eight of a twenty-five year prison sentence for killing a man with Lou Gehrig's disease—then sending the tape of the killing to 60 Minutes for them to air, publicly daring the legal system to stop him. The judge, seeing homicide rather than heroism in the 130 assisted suicides Kevorkian bragged about, granted him his wish, but wealthy lawyers and good behavior allowed Jack back on the streets after less than a third of the time he deserved.

"For ten years, Jack Kevorkian's actions resembled those of a pathological serial killer," read the statement by the Archdiocese of Detroit written in "honor" of this native son's release. "It will be truly regrettable if he were treated as a celebrity parolee instead of the convicted murderer he is."

"Truly regrettable," but, regrettably, true. The 79-year-old hack (indeed his foul-ups as a physician were legion) was greeted by "fans" with signs such as "Jack, we're glad you are out of the box," and "Dr. K is on the way!" not to mention the 89-year-old Mike Wallace, who after hugging him like a hero immediately whisked Jack off to do another segment for 60 Minutes.

Sunday, Wallace and Company replayed most of the old interview. It was bad enough that they repeated the part where Jack kept making his victim, Tom Youk, repeat that he was a Catholic until the Lou Gehrig's sufferer's words were understandable. But then they showed Kevorkian step-by-step injecting Tom with the three drugs which in order, put him to sleep, slowed his muscles and stopped his heart until he was murdered. Finally, Wallace had a cozy living-room conversation with the relatives. "I'm so grateful to Dr. Jack," said Tom's wife, "I don't consider it murder. I consider it ... humane."

"Yeah, we were at the end of our ropes," added Tom's brother with an interesting choice of words.

Back to the present, Wallace asked Kevorkian if he now regretted it.

"Regretted it?" Dr. Death said with a smile. "Why should I regret it? Does a veterinarian regret putting a dog to sleep after it is dead?"

"But ... a dog's an animal and Tom was ... a human!" said the nearly 90-year-old Wallace momentarily roused out of his hero-worship.

"Yes, but a man whose life didn't measure up," concluded Kevorkian.

"By your standards?" asked Mike, perhaps now a little frightened to be alone in the same room as "Death."

"No, by his own," declared the Doctor, as diabolical as ever.

Indeed, the terms of Kevorkian's parole has him agreeing to not only not perform assisted suicides, but to not discuss the procedure or advise anyone to have it done. Whether his latest 60 Minute stint violates those terms is debatable, but what is clear is that "Injectin' Jack" shows no remorse. As for myself, I was so disgusted about the whole affair that I was not going to write about it, until I saw the incredible Father Corapi declare that Catholics must preach (and write about) the practices that disgust them in order to keep these sins from becoming socially acceptable.

"Abortion has been around for so long, for many people it is no big deal," shouts the good Father. So if we don't act, euthanasia (followed, perhaps, by the mercy killing of the poor so the rich can use their organs) will be next. Of course, euthanasia is already legal in Oregon (and what pray tell would happen to Dr. K's parole terms if he moved to that state?) so we must not only work to keep it illegal in our own states but get the law repealed in that state too.

If 60 Minutes (which deserves not only our disgust but our boycott) promotes and glorifies mercy killing, we must expose its truth and horrify the public until they see the merciless killing that it really is. We may not put "Dr. Death" back behind bars, but we must engage the original Dr. Death, the devil, before this war (like abortion) is already decided also. And this time we must ask St. Michael the Archangel, not Mr. Michael Wallace, to defend us in battle.

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JimAroo said...

Maybe Mike Wallace is hoping the favorable publicity will get him a discount on the "procedure" when his time comes.

More than half of Jack the Dripper's victims weren't even terminal! Some were suffering from depression. This statistic is consistent with euthanasia practitioners in Holland and Switzerland.

I would be happy if we could get Catholics on board for this issue. I was meeting with a small group of faithful Catholics during the starvation of Terry Schiavo. We had many discussions on the issue. I gave them the true church teaching. I spelled it out with the Catechism and other church documents. I used personal examples of my own dealings with dying parents. I covered extraordinary means, and the definitions of nutrition and hydration. We probably talked about this a total of 5 or 6 hours and I gave them my best shot. These were all people around 60 yrs old.

When we were done and she was dead, they all went out and signed living wills that clearly violated church teaching. To a person they said:

"I would want to be killed if I were in her situation".

There are dark days ahead.