Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gemini Health Center/Aurora Abortion Mill: Protest Early and Often!

There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed,
or hidden that will not be made known.
Do not be afraid of those who kill the
body but cannot kill the soul.
–(Matt. 10:26,28)

You can bet your life Fighting Irish Thomas had "FITs" when I read about a massive abortion mill being built—in secret no less—in a nearby Chicago suburb. "Abortion clinic built under wraps," blazes the brazen headline on the Chicago Tribune's front page, and in it Chicago Area Planned Parenthood CEO Steve Trombley brags that the 22,000-square-foot site, which would make it one of the largest killing-of-the-unborn clinics in the country, was kept secret so long because of his own brilliant strategy.

Steve Trombley, CEO Chicago Area Planned Parenthood"We want to introduce ourselves to the community rather than be defined by our adversaries," said the tricky Trombley while conducting a tour for reporters. "Frankly I'm surprised we were able to keep it a secret for so long," he said of the facility, located adjacent to a Dominick's and slated to open Sept. 18th, "but we didn't want anything to interfere with its opening ... and at this point, I don't think anything will ..."

The Spanish painter Goya in 1789 painted Satan as a giant eating a human body.Although I'm not one to usually give the devil his due, I have to give Lucifer and Trombley (surely a Planned Parenthood CEO must rank as Satan's second in command) credit for at least temporarily pulling the wool over what even PP admits is a "conservative community's" eyes. Indeed they did such a good job that Aurora Councilman Chris Beykirch, who represents this district of Aurora, didn't even know it was a Planned Parenthood/Abortion Clinic until just last week. "I am disappointed that the agency felt it necessary to be so secretive," said Beykirch, but in a rejoinder worthy of John "Hari" Kerry, added, "not that the city could have or would have blocked construction ..."

But anyway, the important point to Christians is that their secret, thanks to a courageous contractor voicing his concerns to Ann Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League ("a recovery room, a surgery center of some sort, bullet-proof glass and all the security cameras made him suspicious," said Scheidler) is now out. And, as Tribune writer Bonnie Miller Rubin noted, "Planned Parenthood may have won the battle by building the clinic in secret but anti-abortion forces vowed the war is far from over."

If Mr. Trombley still smugly believes that nothing will interfere with its opening, he'd better think again. On August 9, the Pro-Life Action League and activists throughout the western suburbs of Chicago will launch a 40-Day Prayer Vigil to stop the opening of the abortuary. And a massive pro-life demonstration is planned at the Planned Parenthood location for Saturday, August 25, from 9-11 a.m. complete with its graphic pictures of abortions being paraded not only by the would-be abortion mill, but by nearby mall stores and businesses as well. And this has Oakhurst (a subdivision of 2,200 homes within sight of the center) Homeowners Association President Jonathan Lack clearly worried. While conceding that the majority of the homeowners are "conservative and Republican," the politically-correct "hack" Lack laments, "It is a lightning-rod issue for a lot of people on both sides ... Having protesters on both sides [of the issue] does not fit with the neighborhood aesthetic."

Perhaps not, Jonathan, but such protests fit right in at FIT. While Lack clearly lacks the guts to take a stand, I know our readers don't—and won't. Certainly our local followers will want to physically join the protests, but for those who can't, prayers and e-mails may help the city of Aurora to reconsider, or at least make Trombley tremble. And let us not forget the young women whose babies the Planned Parenthood deceivers seek to destroy.

An aborted babyDear girls, does it not make you think twice that this group is so ashamed of their true aim that they sought to keep it secret? The clinic's "sleek cabinetry, faux wood floors and airy recovery rooms," only seek to hide a mission as sinister as Hitler's, for the death camp in Aurora (if things go as Planned Parenthood planned) will be no less deadly than the one in Auschwitz. If you go near the clinic, you will no doubt agree with Mrs. Scheidler that her group's posters of abortions are "ugly graphic pictures that everyone hates—" but if they make you take their message to heart, know it was because the souls of those aborted babies (not to mention their guardian angels) prayed long and hard enough to allow you to keep your own. And that Love, my friend, is the most beautiful thing of all.


Pristinus Sapienter said...

Hmmm - if the graphic evidence of abortion is so to be hated, why would anyone want to cause one more?

And, of course, the political types demonstrate as much backbone as they usually do. Why would anyone anticipate anything more than the usual hand-wringing being the only action of which they are capable? Push comes to shove, they are more likely to get active over pro-life picketers than murderers of the innocents doing their evil in their midst.

Their nerve in calling themselves a 'health center' is worse than their secretiveness. It is to add such foulness to their darkness. The only thing 'healthy' about PPA is their wallets, and those, to which we are forced to add our public funds!

Though PPA's facilities do serve - they serve to exhibit just how lowly and selfish a secular society can lead its members to become. Our shame should be abysmal, as their secretiveness clearly shows.

BTW, my cousin Dick passed away last Friday (July 27).
+ Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine.
+ Et lux perpetua luceat eis.
+ Requiescant in pace.
+ Amen.

Tom O'Toole said...

Pristinus, Sorry to take so long to comment, and sorry for your loss -- our prayers are with your cousin. As the Lord says, everything done in darkness will be exposed to the Light, but it sure doesn't hurt if we speed the exposing along.