Monday, July 09, 2007

Live Rich or Die: Al Gore and the God of Global Warming

Al GoreMadonna at Live EarthTo be fair to former vice-president and current best-selling author Al "The Mental Environmentalist" Gore, I have not read An Inconvenient Truth nor plan on doing so any time soon. And while I admit that the controversial volume makes some valid points about saving the planet, when I hear Gore's Gospel is now replacing Gideon's Bible in the rooms of Gaia Napa Valley Hotel, I know that Eden has once more been invaded and the devil is once again up to no good.

After stealing the hearts and minds of those who stay in this incarnation of Hotel California, Gore's latest global triumph took place Saturday in the form of a multi-site seven-continent rock concert. Entitled "Live Earth," this event featured mega stars such as Madonna, Metallica, Alicia Keys and Keith Urban at "dimmed light" venues as diverse as New Jersey, Sydney, Johannesburg and Rio de Janeiro, and served the dual purpose of raising energy conservation awareness and distracting us from Gore's son, Albert Gore III's, recent drug bust.

But seriously, this 7-7-07 extravaganza, while slightly better than a 6-6-06 abortion rights rally, is a far cry from say, an international Catholic youth day. While preaching the good news of energy conservation has its merits, enlisting rock stars (especially the likes of the openly anti-Catholic Madonna) whose very lifestyles make them the poster children of excess consumption, to give this message of minimalism makes any such attempt ironic, if not outright idiotic. In the end, the campaign against global warming only saps creative "energy" away from the more noble pursuits of ending abortion and euthanasia, and this may end up being a culture of death campaign in disguise.

How's that? The reason why Fighting Irish Thomas cannot take Gore and the global warming gods at their word is that until or unless the former veep and his energy disciples give up their own lavish lifestyles, their earth worship is lip service only. By definition, the rich have always consumed more than they need—but if Gore is correct, they will continue to be able to do so only if they steal away the meager resources that are now being used by the poor. Don't be surprised if the global warming contingent joins forces with the population "control" people to find creative ways to keep the poor from having (or keeping) their babies, or the poor from protecting their sick and elderly and thus preserving enough (that is, more than enough) of the earth's resources for themselves. The global warming gurus are fond of telling the less fortunate to live in the dark, but sooner or later God says their diabolical (and Gore-y) details will all come to light.

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Pristinus Sapienter said...

One of the new 'poops' (contra Popes) of the secular elitist spoor is Al Gore. He is also one who has been challenged over and over to debate real scientists about many of his environmental claims and, of course, is 'too busy' to do so. Meanwhile, he has the slow-brain MSM, the slower-minded pols and hysterical academic and science types clamoring to silence any and all dissent from Poop Al's evermore intolerable quack science, mendacity and other nonsense.

Yes, enviro-know-betters actually pass off that poor poeple in primitive conditions are better off than we progress-laden (un-)fortunates. They even stop such actions as advancing in agricultural methods to keep these starving folk 'better off'. Meanwhile, Poop Al uses more energy in his palatial home than one or two small states in India who, I guess, amount to what's under his carbon footprint.