Sunday, July 15, 2007

Winning with Winfrey? Benson and McClory Missing Benedict's (St.) "Bona-Venture" Glory

Oprah WinfreyThe "Perspective" section of Sunday's Chicago Tribune juxtaposes a Windy City journalist making a presidential plea for Oprah Winfrey with an ex-priest ripping Pope Benedict's easing of restrictions to the Latin Mass. On the first front, Chicago writer Eric Benson is wrong to say his "Oprah for President" suggestion "sounds preposterous," in fact I totally agree with him that Winfrey is probably the Democrat's best chance for victory—although not for the reasons Benson suggests. That's because I see Winfrey (and who would her running mate be? Dr. Phil?) not as the "strong compassionate woman that can help us if we are willing to be strong and help ourselves," but as the perfect embodiment of the New Age Gnosticism the Democratic Party has come to embrace.

Robert McCloryAs for Robert McClory, the ex-priest now professor emeritus at Northwestern University, his thesis that Pope Benedict's approval of the wider use of the Latin Rite is wrong because it (along with the subsequent document on the Catholic Church's role as the one true Church) "undercuts much of the ecumenical and inter-faith progress made since Vatican II," also bears examining. Like Benson, McClory says his idea that the return to the Latin Mass "means a full-bodied campaign by the Vatican to bolster the monarchical authoritarian claims of the Church" at first seems "far-fetched." Actually, McClory is correct in saying that Benedict is fully aware of the authority that comes with the office of the Bishop of Rome, and that the Pope's quiet confidence in Christ would certainly never allow him to run a campaign that is half-a**ed. But I disagree with the ex-priest when he says, "you don't have to be paranoid" to suggest that Benedict's love for the Latin Mass means a return to pre-Vatican II times "and the top-down theology that undergirded it." You do, and McClory is.

The New Vernacular Mass was always meant to complement the Latin Mass (which by the way was never "outlawed"), not contradict it. If the Old Rite more clearly shows the unique and mystical role of the ordained priest as "another Christ," the New Rite helps to show the importance the laity's universal priesthood also plays in the celebration of Mass. The abuse of both rites does not make either wrong. It merely shows that the Pope must continue to correct these mistakes to protect the sacred liturgy from becoming another Protestant assembly.

St. BonaventureToday's saint, St. Bonaventure, most clearly demonstrates the Church's universal versatility especially when he is compared with his order's famous founder. Only thirty years after the death of St. Francis, the Franciscan Order was in danger of splitting into two factions when the quiet leader and future Doctor of the Church brought the two groups together with the true spirit of ecumenism. On the surface the bookish brilliance of Bonaventure bears little resemblance to the outgoing outdoorsy-ness of Francis. But what dissidents like McClory can't grasp is that surface differences aside, Francis and Bonaventure, like the gregarious John Paul and reticent Benedict, both shared an unwavering devotion to Christ and His Church; and in the end that is all that matters.

So when one strips the pretense away, McClory is not so much paranoid of the Latin Mass or the Catholic hierarchy, but of holiness in any of its forms. Because, whether quiet or charismatic, holiness implies obedience, and obedience precludes one from making a god out of sex or education, money or the environment—in fact, out of anything but God Himself. And we all know McClory would have no role and Oprah no show if the liberal media and the pro-death Democrats believed in THAT.


JimAroo said...

I can't pass up a chance at a shot at the O. People are always complaining about some sports star making 20 or 30 million a year.

But here is the O making, according to media reports, 100 million a year (and for more years than a short lived sports career) and I have it on good authority she cant hit the curve ball worth a darn or make the 18 footer at the buzzer to save her life.

As a matter of fact, it seems that the O's most startling characteristic is that she has no talent at anything.

What a country!

Pristinus Sapienter said...

(Yo, Jimaroo, OW! has the talent of buffaloing millions of viewers - another reason, why as FIT points out, she is ideal to the culture of our age . . .)

And, Thomas, right on target and 'well done' again. (Have you thought of trying writing for a living? OH, RIGHT! You do have to eat, and all . . .)

Barack and Oprah! B.O. and OW! - What a combo - alliterated slogan-ally as 'Bow-Wow!' (Hoot-hoot!)

Of the likes of McClory - the MSM demonstrates its low-IQ (and intellectually biased, principly agenda-driven and morally bankrupt) draw from available baccalaureates in that it has no one who seems to be able to ask:
"Uh, with that view, Jughead, doesn't that make you just one more miniscule stream of Protestantism?"

Pristinus Sapienter said...

(Love this one . . .)

Related to 'Bow-wow!' -

One commentator currently notes that Obama Barack came out and said criminal thugs shoot each other because they ‘don’t love themselves’. B.O. then – of course – went on to blame you and me because ‘we don’t love them enough’. Studies give B.O. the lie because criminals exhibit some of the highest ‘self-esteem’ on the planet. B.O. is just one more of the pseudo-intellectual self-appointed elite who seem to be as clueless about, and even refusing to understand evil - now, still, as they have been for all my life.

The commentator went on to mention something that has struck me, too, all along about B.O. – and I have been listening to the B.O. man since before he ran for U. S. Senate in my home state of Illinois. To wit: ‘Obama may be the first politician offering a platform based on stolen sayings from coffee cups.’ B.O. is a walking platitude wholesaler.

For, my P.S. self: One just has to wonder at the money wasted on the alleged education of this man, Barack Obama. He is definitely one sad piece of work; and that so many give his campaign the credibility of their cash donations is nearly frightening.