Monday, August 20, 2007

Elvira Arellano Update: Arellano Arrested, Perhaps Deported

Elvira Arellano and son, SaulAfter speaking out at four churches Sunday morning and then heading to an L.A. illegal alien rally yesterday afternoon, Elvira Arellano all but dared custom officials to arrest her, which they finally did late Sunday afternoon. Having been in sanctuary since the Feast of the Assumption 2006 in Adalberto Methodist Church in Chicago, she left last week to stoke the illegal alien fires around the country only to get burned.

"I'm not happy this happened, but it was bound to since she was challenging the system," sighed popular Spanish radio DJ Javier Salas. Saying her actions exasperated animosity toward undocumented immigrants, Salas concluded, "She is not the face of immigrants ... she wasn't down to earth. She made everything worse," while Elvira, claiming to be working for unity, vowed to keep up the fight from Mexico (she reportedly may have already been deported to Tijuana)—or prison if need be. "Calm down! Don't have any fear. They can't hurt me," Arellano said to her tearful eight-year-old son, Saul, as they led her away in handcuffs, and sadly this statement sums up the entire sorry episode.

Indeed, being such a high profile case, it is highly unlikely anyone would be stupid enough to hurt Ms. Arellano, but her son's feelings are another story. For not only has Elvira snuck into the U.S. illegally (at least) twice, she has never made any attempt to become legal, let alone remain with her son. Now that may be too late, as Saul is headed back to Chicago to live with the Adalberto Methodist Church activist Emma Lozano, and Mom is headed to parts unknown. If those Christian churches who housed Elvira had fought through the red tape to make Arellano a U.S. citizen and keep mother and son together instead of provoking officials by letting her remain illegal, it could have had a happy ending. But as it was, Federal officials had no choice but to arrest her, leading to the dubious publicity Arellano has sought over custody of her own son.


JimAroo said...

I heard this woman on the news. Her statement sounded like propaganda from the Socialist Workers Party. She is a pawn, no doubt.

On the other hand, in my opinion, she has abandoned her child by her actions, causing him to be separated from her by forcing this deportation.

If the authorities have any fortitude in Illinois, they will file child abandonment charges against her, issue an arrest warrant and have her arrested the nest time she surfaces.

I won't be holding my breath for all that to happen.

Tom O'Toole said...

Wow! And I thought I was hard on her.

A pawn perhaps, but a willing one, not unlike Luther.


Pristinus Sapienter said...

Well, from my chair . . .

Her son should just have gone with her. If motherhood and family rank that high with them, they should have been returned home together.

And, I don't know about just arresting, fining, etc., of the culpable employers. I think that deporting them some place not very comfortable would get needed attention from the rest of the commercial quarter. How about gardening in Death Valley?

Commonsensibly, I think that there is one standard that should be required of every person who comes to this country: Learn a day-to-day working ability at English in very-short-order or go back where you came from.

"'Culturally diverse' multi-lingualism" is for the birds. Learning English is first-base in assimilating here if you want to stay here. And, moving around the bases and getting home and scoring means embracing everything it takes to become a citizen.

Tom O'Toole said...

I really like that Death Valley Deportation idea. I also agree with learning English; Elvira seems to know enough to be dangerous, but apparently not enough to be courageous, as in doing what it takes to keep custody of her son.