Sunday, August 26, 2007

Final Score 1000-18! — Illinois Pro-Lifers Batting a Thousand vs. Aurora Abortionists

The Pro-Life Rally held on Saturday, August 25th, to protest the "planned" Planned Parenthood abortion mill set to open at 3051 E. New York Street in Aurora, Illinois, in mid-September proved to be an overwhelming success. In fact, the pro-lifers didn't even have to "rally" to beat its opposition yesterday for the defeat was complete in both numbers and spirit. The Planned Parenthood peoples claim the "over 1,000" number of pro-life demonstrators cited by both (CBS) WBBM Radio and the Chicago Tribune was an exaggeration, but the only over-estimate was the Tribune crediting Planned Parenthood with "about two dozen counter-demonstrators," when the O'Tooles personally counted only eighteen.

"Aurora is in the midst of a historical movement with regard to abortion in the U.S.," announced rally organizer, Eric Scheidler, communications director of the Pro-Life Action League, and the fact that his group was joined by members of Illinois Right to Life, Priests for Life, Operation Rescue, not to mention Fighting Irish Thomas, and a number of church groups, bears witness to the truth of his statement. Meanwhile the counter-protesters, mostly belonging to the National Organization of Women, tried to put up a brave front. But although Illinois NOW president Bonnie Grabenhofer said it was important that their group be there Saturday "as a show of support for the clinic and the women who needed it," as soon as a pro-life dad lobbed over a "What if your mother aborted YOU?" (which was seconded by his young son's "Yah!"), they began to high-tail it out of there. As my daughter Therese put it, "it was better to not be there at all than to be [by their small timid numbers] an embarrassment."

A John Francis Borra CartoonThe pro-life group consisted both of the silent stationary who held the graphic posters of aborted fetuses along the highway to those who marched with more conventional signs with slogans such as "Stop Abortion Now" (although "Stop NOW Abortions" may on this day have been more appropriate) to the Black Baptists dancing and singing "Praise Jesus, Hallelujah!" "We have no problem carrying these (graphic) signs," said Lisa Ryatt, who along with her three kids Colleen-10, Neal-13, and Doug-16, all bore posters of badly-aborted fetuses. "Our children know the horror." Later, another 16-year-old, our daughter, Therese, put a slightly different spin on the signs' significance.

While the youngest O'Toole definitely thought her first abortion protest "cool," she also thought that "in a weird way" the "Warning: Graphic Abortion Photos Ahead" placards that the pro-lifers are forced to display sort of summed up the day's demonstrations.

"How so?" I asked my daughter.

"First ... how our country has to have warnings for everything, second, just that people are somehow 'offended' by truth. And last, that it's just so sad that our country allows this slaughter to continue."

Very true. But since the slaughter does still continue, so must the fight. While he was certainly upbeat after the rally, Mr. Scheidler also knows that closing an abortion clinic before it opens is unprecedented in annals of the battle for the unborn and thus realizes he must keep the pressure on. Besides the ongoing 40-Day Prayer Vigil, the Action League's next action of note takes place on Tuesday, when they plan on invading the Aurora City Council Meeting. "Aurora's town slogan is 'Second to None,'" chided Scheidler. "Let's hope they don't decide to become second to none in aborting babies."

Back in enemy camp, head Illinois NOW con-woman Grabenhofer feigns confidence despite the demonstration debacle. "THEY know that it is futile to try to stop the clinic," Bonnie declared.

Maybe so. But if I were head coach and Notre Dame (or Our Lady) came to my building and beat my team 1000 to 18, I would be at least a little worried about what the following weekend would bring.

Cartoon copyright John Francis Borra. Used with permission.

Video by "nickdogg88"


Ms Catholic Malta said...

I think this is a great post, FIT...besides congratulating you on the 1000-18 score, I also got to know that August 27 is a special day...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FIT!

Pristinus Sapienter said...

NOW . . . so minor-league and yet so has-been . . .

Your youngest isn't half-old-enough to run for President and already sounds better than any candidate I have heard.

Yes, the fight must go on, and on until life is once more the primary right. But, hey - 1000 to 18 sounds like a bully beginning. Stopping Aurora from being 'unsafe for the unborn innocent' just may set a huge precedent.

And, a belated but sincere happy birthday to you, my fine friend.

JimAroo said...

Good job on spurring on the fight in Aurora. This tactic can work wonders. There are some states that, although they have "legal" abortion, have almost no abortions done there because people like you wont let abortion sites exist.

In a neighboring town there is a big abortion site owned by a doctor who owns Nine (9!!!!) of these death traps. When we pray at church that the sire will close, the priests NEVER call it an abortion "clinic". It is only called an abortion "site". We will will not dignify it with the word clinic.

Ok one more thing.... the old JimAroo is sooo confused. August 27 was my daughter's bd.... Is FIT's birthday that day too? I thought it was 8/28 - feast of St Augustine... but in any case
Happy Big Day FIT!

JimAroo said...

One more thing - I watched the You Tube pics. It reminded me that every time we have been to one of these demonstrations, all the people on our team look like decent respectable citizens. Our side always acted with respect and dignity.

Our opponents were loud,crude, rude, and ugly! All the anger, hostility, and hatred was on the their side. If a normal person witnessed what really happened they would be converted to the pro life side just by the loving concern of the pro lifers.

Mrs. Fighting Irish Thomas said...

Yes, yes, Jim. Fighting Irish Thomas' birthday is on the 27th of August, just like (your daughter's), Sister's. And Gozo Girl's is on the 26th of August. And my b-day and Gozo Girl's mother's are the same ... 12-21. Coincidences everywhere ... And someone's gonna call you on the comment about no hostile pro-lifers ... we did see a spunky one as the post relates. But he was asked to not continue by the organizers of the rally. And he complied. And FIT thanks you for the b-day wish.

JimAroo said...

You mean I missed GG's big day too. I wonder if she spent the whole day with her latest flame, Gharbaroo?

Happy Belated Birthday to Gozo Girl!