Thursday, August 30, 2007

St. Augustine (and son) vs. the Aurora Abortionists: Adeodatus enters the debate

Understanding is the reward given by faith. Do not try to understand in order to believe, but believe in order to understand.
–St. Augustine, to his son Adeodatus from his dialogue "Concerning the Teacher"

St. AugustineBecause I was off working my two jobs on Tuesday, I was regrettably unable to write a biography blog on my great patron saint, Augustine. However, I did quietly reflect on the fact that the various and numerous right-to-lifers packed the Aurora City Council on his feast day, and how appropriate it was to promote the rights of the unborn during the celebration of this great Champion of the Church. And then I got to thinking; what if Augustine had been there?

While the video of this great event definitely does justice to how the right-to-lifers once again made great strides in their quest to close the proposed Aurora abortion mill before it ever opens, it does not mention that because of the size limits of the council room, many protesters, including some from Fighting Irish Thomas, were left out in the warm. But certainly Augustine would have remedied this situation and got us all involved! For not only was he, along with my other patron saint, Aquinas, one of the two all-time greatest apologists of the Faith, and a constant advocate for the church's poor, he was also an outstanding Oratorian, known to "move an entire town to tears" with his preaching of the gospel. As powerful as the event was, if Augustine had spoken, no doubt the townspeople would have arose as one, with the pro-lifers all grabbing those torches you see in old-time movies, and then would have taken hold of the mayor and all the council and brought them to the brink of the Blessed Sacrament, commanding them to stay and pray at the foot of Our Lord in the Adoration Chapel until they saw the light and voted the clinic down. Even better, Augustine could have brought his little known secret weapon, his flesh and blood son, Adeodatus, so that Aurora's "Youth for Truth" would have a spokesman all their own ...

Although many know Augustine as one of the Fathers of the Church, few know him as the father of a teenager—and what a lad he was! In his little known treatise "Concerning the Teacher"—(definitely worth the read!) Augustine teaches Adeodatus in the form of dialogue/debate the meaning of life, and in turn this remarkable 15-year-old (a real chip off the old block) teaches his old man a thing or two as well. Sadly, Augustine's remarkable son (born from a relationship in his pre-conversion days) died shortly after this dialogue took place. While there is little doubt that Augustine, in his darker moments, thought his son's early death was punishment for his own wayward youth, and that some of Augustine's more pessimistic theories, such as no eternal salvation for unbaptized babies (his idea of "Limbo" was never an official teaching of the Church and has recently been rejected by Pope Benedict) were a product of his sorrow over his split from his common law wife and the premature passing of his promising offspring. But just as Luther seemed to make a religion out of Augustine's pessimism while ignoring the saint's powerful words as hope on subjects such as transubstantiation or papal infallibility ("Rome has spoken; the matter is settled") concerning theology—including Augustine's own—the abortionists, by focusing on Augustine's sadness over losing his son, seem to suggest it is better not to be born at all, rather than to risk a life that will bring you hardship. But Adeodatus' (which means "give by God") own admission, "I am thankful to you for this discussion and ... by His grace, I shall so love more ardently as I progress in understanding," even without the additions of his famous father, should be a permanent antidote to Planned Parenthood's Satanic platitudes.

Still, the doubt about the Aurora outcome remains. If this were a football game, the Aurora abortionists would have already been soundly defeated, and the celebration of life would have begun on August 28th, 2007. But this is not a fair fight, and despite their losses, Planned Parenthood is banking on the fact that the pro-lifers will eventually grow weary of showing up at these events and go back to their own lives, jobs, and worries, and their Aurora abortion mill will open on schedule. If only Augustine and Adeodatus had been there! But we forget one thing, one weapon the enemy has no defense against. Luther may have discarded it, but Augustine, even in his darkest moments, would never let it go. We forget the Communion of Saints.

What if Augustine (and son) were there? Well, maybe they were ...

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