Friday, September 07, 2007

The Aurora Abortion Battle: VICTORY ... is in sight ...

We're gonna get 'em on the run! And we're gonna go Go GO and we're not gonna stop until we cross the goal line. Whadya say men?
–Knute Rockne in an oft quoted pre-game speech

Although the above words would on the surface seem more fitting for the beleaguered Fighting Irish as they prepare for Saturday's crucial contest against Penn State, they actually sum up the way Eric Scheidler, the Pro-Life Action League, and the millions of pray-ers around the world have Planned Parenthood in Chicago running scared, worried that the opening of its prized "baby," the Aurora Abortuary, is now in doubt ...

"Clinic is likely to be delayed," read the Chicago Tribune's Metro Section headlines, and while my first reaction was to shout "Yes!" and pound my fist on the desk (much to the dismay of our three cats Mango, Hubie and Fat Tony), I quickly realized there is much work to do, and we cannot afford to make a Bush-esque "Mission Accomplished" type mistake.

The Trib's Gerry Smith explains the current turn of events like this. "[Mayor] Weisner said the clinic's scheduled Sept. 18 opening is in doubt because the city (due to Scheidler's calling Weisner a "liar" and threatening legal action of his own), "has hired an outside attorney," (replacing Weisner's right-hand yes-man Attorney Richard Martens) to investigate the legality of the permit process, and the investigation likely would not be completed on time." Meanwhile Steve Trombley, for the time being still president of Planned Parenthood in Chicago, countered with false bravado claiming there "is no reason to believe the city will not not complete its review by the 18th," pointedly adding, "It is critical for the clinic to open that day because patients already have scheduled appointments ..."

While I agree with Steve that at this point there is no reason to believe anything Mayor Weisner says, the Planned Parenthood-ers are clearly concerned. While he remains the figurehead, insiders are claiming the trembling Trombley is being replaced with a national pro-choice bigwig, and while PP is publicly whining that Scheidler's protest has become national and thus doesn't represent the will of the people of Aurora, they are secretly agreeing with the Pro-Life Action League's assessment that Aurora has become "Ground Zero" in the nation's fight to outlaw abortion, and as they did in South Dakota, PP are pouring all their national corporate money, time and resources into this local battle. Stilll, unless Planned Parenthood has replaced Trombley with Satan himself, how can they counter the sanctity of the Joliet's new bishop, Peter Sartain? Sartain not only had declared today a day of prayer and fasting for this local (and national) pro-life cause, but will travel from his downstate Cathedral to personally lead tonight's Candlelight Vigil.

At this morning's 6:15 a.m. mass at Immaculate Conception Church in Elmhurst, the 70-something Father Garvin, now somewhat feeble but still immensely faithful to his bishop, said a pro-life mass for the twenty or so in attendance. "There is much talk in today's media about caring for animals or the environment, but little about the rights of people such as the aged and the unborn," he homilized after reading the gospel of John which included the famous (and perhaps my favorite) passage, "There is no greater love than this, than to lay down one's life for one's friend" (John 15:13). In talks, I have sometimes compared this line to one written about Rockne, where, against doctor's orders, the critically ill coach still showed up to give a pep talk to inspire his troop's because, "he wanted to win more than he wanted to live." On the surface the comparison seems silly, but after further analysis, the giving of one's life for one's friend, whether they are family, teammates, those you have never met or those who are yet to be born, is at the heart of Christian theology. And, in the latter case, a win in Aurora would go a long way to a pro-life victory for the USA, the Unborns' "National Championship" so to speak.

See you at the Vigil. And know, whether you're there in person or in prayer, the unborn, especially those already "scheduled," say "thanks!" At the same time, remember that, wherever you're at, we must keep fighting, for although we may have won the battle, we have not won the war—yet.

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