Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Aurora Jericho March: "One small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind"

(Posted by Jeanette O'Toole, [Mrs.] Fighting Irish Thomas )

As far as the Jericho March, I've been going out on a limb and telling the press I expect 1,000 marchers Saturday ... Please call THREE friends or family, right now, and urge them to join the Jericho March, which starts at 9 a.m at the PP/Vigil site ... I encourage all musicians to bring their instruments—guitars, horns, drums, flutes, tambourines, anything [for the finale]. As for me, I'll bring my harmonicas.
–Eric Scheidler, Communications Director, Pro-Life Action League

Aurora Planned Parenthood BuildingToday is the Aurora Jericho March.

"The Jericho March that began the evening of Sunday, September 9, will conclude this morning, Saturday, September 15, its seventh day, with a massive March around the block circling Planned Parenthood map.

All area citizens who oppose the presence of Planned Parenthood are invited to participate. The faithful will be gathered into battalions that will march together, some circling the PP building seven times (see Joshua 6:15), others only as many times as they wish.

Parking for the Finale will be available at Our Lady of Mercy Church, 801 S. Eola Rd. map and at New Life Baptist Church, 4054 Fox Valley Center Drive #A map.

Shuttles will run continuously to and from the March site from 8:30-11:30 a.m.

A press conference will be held during the Finale by Fox Valley Clergy for Life, who will present their public statement in opposition to Planned Parenthood. Over 120 clergymen have signed on to the statement which will be published Sunday, September 16, in the Aurora Beacon News and Naperville Sun." –Eric Scheidler

Do you remember exactly what you were doing in 1969 when Neil Armstrong uttered those above title words? (Or if you're too young, do you remember when you were told about them?) I remember whose house I was at to watch the tv coverage, precisely where I was sitting, even what I was wearing that day. This Aurora Jericho March against Planned Parenthood/abortion also will go down in history with an impact that you will remember for a lifetime. So come on out (everyone! but certainly those from Aurora) and show your support, join the March, and "Take one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind." God save Aurora! God save the Babies! God save the Women!

See you there.


Anonymous said...

I live in the neighborhood and am thankful for everyone's effort.
I am also the single mother of an 'unplanned child' who is a joy to everyone around. There were difficult times, facing parenthood alone, but God and was with me through all, my family came around and welcomed her in. At 16 she is a shining star, honor student and wonderful daughter.
I was encouraged to abort my child, pressured in fact. That seemed the 'easy' way out. I have never received the support of her father, but in the end we didn't need it. Money has nothing to do with parenting.

She has brought so much into this world, a true gift to all. Please stop PP from spreading the murder and deceit. Pray for women in difficult situations, encourage them in hope -- life is a gift.

Pristinus Sapienter said...

The fire in His Church's belly comes out in your passion, lady!

Catch the Spirit from the lady, folks!

That first 'small step' had the Man carrying His Cross - His 'giant leap' accepting death to triumph over sin and death - the triumph that saves us all.

Be marching with my prayers, as my legs march less by the week. Now, if we could just re-fit an M1A1 Abrams, removing the guns and putting up a set of trumpets from rams' horns - I could ride around nicely, huh? Noisy, but nicely . . .

My every 'Hail Mary' will sound the horns - that our Mother come to the aid of her daughter-mothers and children-babies among us. And, that our Lord from His Cross 'Forgive them . . .' If it please You, Lord, give us ways that need less Your forgiveness and more our humble gratefulness.

JimAroo said...

On this beautiful day of Our Lady of Sorrows, we have two reminders of holy women whose sorrows were transformed by Our Lord. Think of the pain Mary suffered at the foot of the cross seeing her son tortured to death. Think of her joy seeing Him on easter morning.

Mary walks side by side with us in our trials as she did with her son and she stands at the foot of all the crosses of our life too.

Thank you for sharing your trial and your joy. We give thanks to God for your loving mother's heart.

Thank you, Mrs. FIT, for your perseverance,joy, and now even your writing!!! If I were PP, I wouldn't tangle with the Fighting O's!

Tom O'Toole said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks so much for your heartfelt and heartwarming comment. We, too, have a wonderful beautiful 16-year-old daughter, and although we never considered an abortion, my wife, Jeanette, was very, very ill through much of the pregnancy and a couple doctors urged us to consider terminating the pregnancy both due to my wife's health and the fact the baby had a very good chance of having Down Syndrome (through a blood test given). Keep praying and thanks again for the encouragement, for the writing fight, too, gets hard when you get negative feedback.

God's grace & Mary's prayers,