Monday, September 10, 2007

The Aurora Pro-Life Candlelight Vigil: My Reflections on Friday Night

The Candlelight Vigil held outside the would-be abortuary in Aurora last Friday night was striking to me for several reasons. First, although the majority of the 500-plus were Catholics, I personally talked to Presbyterians and Lutherans, members of Assemblies of God and Non-Denoms, Methodists and Jews, to name a few. Secondly, whether they were young or old, families or singles, moms with their babies or owners with their dogs (Barb and Harry Tibbitts' dog, Precious, sat on its hind legs, put its paws together and "prayed"), the group seemed at one heart and mind, passionate yet peaceful in this profound protest. Even the police seemed reluctant to intervene, when at one point, citing a local ordinance, they took the megaphone from one of the twenty or so priests, pastors and ministers who were leading the ecumenical prayer service, only to find that when the group lifted their non-amplified prayers to the heavens, they ended up being all the louder.

Planned Parenthood site in Aurora, IL, 9-7-07And in the background stood "the building." To me, the Planned Parenthood fortress of death looked very much like a prison with its stark plain walls and barbed wire fence, and a single guard posted near the front entrance did nothing to dispel this effect. "Keep coming and keep praying Eric Scheidler urged the crowd as they dispersed, also putting special emphasis on turnout at Sept. 11th's city council meeting, for inside sources had informed him that Planned Parenthood, conspicuous in their complete absence at recent protests, would re-emerge big-time at this place and date to once again stake their claim on silent victim violence. And so, after a last prayer to Our Lady, I waited 'til the guard was looking the other way, and then buried a Miraculous Medal into the clinic's still muddy ground, asking Her to watch over this place as the battle to keep abortion out of Aurora entered what could be its final fateful week.

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