Saturday, September 29, 2007

From the FIT mailbag: Anonymous chooses the "Rite" path

"Holy crap, GET A JOB. If you have time to prance around an abortion clinic in order to protest it's opening, you have too much time. I mean, I understand you're doing the good lord's work and all that jazz, but if you're busy carrying a wooden cross all day and singing hymns, how are you going to feed all of those 37 children you accumulated? Oh wait- you have welfare! Thank goodness for those commie democrats!

So if anti-choice protesters don't infuriate you, you haven't been paying enough attention. What rite does ANYONE have to say what another person does to his or her own body, for any reason? If this question is causing you a bit of a moral dilemma, let me help you: The answer is no. You don't. Your imaginary flying, floating, fanciful deity doesn't either. That's right! Believe it or not, in America, unless your god votes, he doesn't count!

So here's my point, silly protesters: Get a job. Or go to school. Shouldn't you be trying to feed your hordes of offspring? And should they not, in point of fact, be in school, or at least not learning to be more hateful little blighters? Nobody is breaking your leg, or stealing your pork rinds, so get away.

Go vote on something. I really don't like what you have to say on the matter, but I definitely support your right to say it. Go vote, because sitting in front of an abortion clinic is only gonna get you stepped around."
[9-28-07, from "Anonymous"]

Anonymous, anonymous, yet another notorious anonymous ... First, let me address your workless assertions. Besides being the author of Champions of Faith and the faithful blog you somehow found, I also work two jobs and average about 60 hours of work a week between them. I assure you that your stereotypical assumptions are dead wrong, for except for the retirees and kids, the typical pro-life protester has a profile not unlike myself. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame, and although you might not like what it stands for either, you have to admit it's one of the top academic universities in the country. Politically, your prognosis has "left" much to be desired. I, as almost all pro-lifers, voted Republican last election, for although I have sympathy for the poor and did not favor our warring with Iraq, the pro-life stand is one thing Bush stood strong for, and this is the one issue I (we) found non-negotiable. Finally, as far as time is concerned, you somehow found enough to make nearly a dozen disingenuous, if disjointed points—but apparently not enough time to check your spelling. Correcting your spelling mistakes before submitting your paper is one of the most important grammar lessons you should have learned in a (good) middle school. Am I "rite"?

And thus, Anonymous, you ironically, if blindly, have set yourself down the right path. From your writings, you don't seem to realize that the Roman Catholic Rite of Christianity not only totally agrees with your assertion that a woman has a right to her own body, but has defended it throughout its history. What we don't agree with is that she has a right to destroy someone else's body, in this case her own baby's. Killing a defenseless human being cannot, in a civilized society, be defined as a right. Rather, it is more truthfully defined as a hate, a crime you claim to totally detest.

Indeed, despite what you write, Anonymous, our God is not a flighty figure of the imagination, but the Word made Flesh who came to earth as a man to prove not only His might, but His mercy. To comprehend a God who became man to show His love for mankind is indeed difficult, but it is definitely possible for those who come to know the definition of the words obedience, humility and sacrifice.

Therese O'Toole, Jericho March, Aurora, IL, 9-15-07To raise children is one way to learn the meaning of these words, and although we were not blessed with the 37 you mention, you still imply the 4 we have is far too many. Well, tell me, Anonymous, which one of our children would you get rid of? Our eldest, John, a film and media student, who financed his own fine arts college education by working 12-hour days caddying in the 90 degree heat? Our second son, Gary, who is serving our country honorably in the United States Navy? Our third son, Patrick, an honor student who earned a full scholarship in the prestigious engineering department at the University of Illinois? Perhaps our last child (and only daughter), Therese. If so, you would be in agreement with several doctors, who, due to my wife's difficult pregnancy (and the possibility that these illnesses would leave Therese "retarded"), urged us to abort. But now, at nearly 17, she is not only an "A" student (and stellar speller), but an articulate youth even more profoundly pro-life than her prolific father. Obviously you would disagree with her stance also ... but you wouldn't kill her ... would you? For only a soul consumed by hate could look into her beautiful yet determined eyes and do that. That is why Planned Parenthood does not like—okay, hates—the pictures of aborted babies that pro-life protesters sometimes carry. The posters put a face on the babies, and then the murder is no longer anonymous.

And so, Anonymous, like so many others, indeed like Planned Parenthood itself (who withheld its name from the would-be abortion clinic until the citizens of Aurora uncovered the truth), you hurl your pseudo-accusations while remaining nameless. My sons and daughter often ponder why, if you, Planned Parenthood and the many other anonymous pro-choice bloggers are so proud of their opinions, why they do not have the courage to identify themselves?

In your case, only you can answer that question, but I do not think it a coincidence that you found our site, or doubt that the prayers of our not-anonymous-readers can yet get you back on the right track. I know you wouldn't want to kill my daughter now, but even if those more radical members of Planned Parenthood tried, Therese would surely fight back. And that is precisely why Fighting Irish Thomas fights for the unborn, because they are unable to fight for themselves. So come out of the dark and into the light. Do not cling to death, but instead join the fight—for life.

God's grace and Mary's prayers,
Tom O'Toole


KMc said...

Dear Tom,

You go boy! As a former fetus whose mother was told I would certainly have Downs Syndrome and should be aborted since I would be a burden to my family and, more importantly, society I challenge Mr. Anonymous to fess up and state his name.
Is he worried he might get in a 5 car pile up and need a blood transfusion from one of those idiots with too many kids? Wouldn't want anyone to hold a grudge when YOUR life is on the line, now would you? Well guess what, anyone of those people and their 'too many kids' would come in droves to help you no matter what you may have to say about their existence.
Want to know what my EIGHT siblings contribute to society? A whole lot of TAX MONEY to help make sure YOU get Social Security! (that is sorta like welfare for older folks). Here is a sampling of my ill educated burdens to society (siblings): a doctor who graduated in the top 10% of her class (that would be the top 10% of ALL med schools in the country); a non-profit safety campaign organizer (or perhaps children who are killed by speeding cars do not matter to you); magna cum laude graduate (actually there are 5 or 6 of them in our family, I lost count); real estate investor; musician (he's broke but he gives more money than anyone I know to numerous charities -I bet he is really stupid in your book); the physical therapist with his own practice; the insurance agent with his own office; the sports editor for a major city's paper (won't give you his name, heaven forbid you know him and like him - he is number 8!); then there is me, I'm just a mom. I home school my FOUR kids and since we home school we can arrange our schedule to have plenty of time to pray at abortion clinics in our area! I pay taxes for public schools and they keep it though my kids are not there - that is yet ANOTHER way we give money back to society!
My siblings and I ALL paid our own way through college. We worked hard and it paid off - something we learned from those "idots with too many kids" - that would be our parents! All of us are blood donors - most of my brothers have AB negative. That is one organization who thanks GOD my parents didn't listen to people like you: the Red Cross! When they need blood, they call us - and we come.
To whom much is given, much is expected - we were given the awesome gift of siblings to share our life with, we will do our best to ensure our kids have the same gift and GRATITUDE! We pray for those who have lost siblings to the scourge of abortion.
So, you can step around us at the clincs but you cannot do the same for the Truth. It does not change and it will not move.
My 10 year old said it best,"Mom, to be for abortion is like saying you think maybe you should have been aborted. Thats kinda silly."
Thanks, MOM, for not listening to the hate, the fear, and the nonsense. I'm alive and loving it! You, Mom, and the Blessed Mother share the most honorable legacy: an unconditional YES to life!

"All life is precious to God, whatever the circumstances." Mother Teresa

Tom: so sorry, I must attend to the youngest member of my 'brood' so I have no time for a spelling/grammar check. Oh, whatever shall I do? Wherever shall I go? I have too many kids and can't do a spell check! The horror of it all... KMc

Pristinus Sapienter said...

I'm proud of being on the dole - er - Social Security. I'm proud, too, that I have seen AARP, and learned 'second childhood' abounds!

The only thing wrong with a baby is that he has to be born among large persons - many only purportedly 'grown-up adults'. And, sadly, 'tis true many have vocabularies not only absent of thirty-five-cent words, but seem to want to use nickle terms on discounts for applicability, pertinence, spelling and grammar.

How ever would such a low-vocab type ever know much more than the MSM and its two-dimensional - missing the 'spiritual' - allies feed him? Living within the confines of 'Euphemism Earth' leads one astray virtually by the sentence.

I suggest such persons ask their libraries for all of, say, Benedict Groeschel's works - read them as carefully as they can - keep a dictionary near (see note below) - come back to MSM and notice the difference REAL faith and REAL reason make. Life is of real faith and reason; abortion is have some pretty low, mongrel, unworthy fantasies about life.

(OR, if you want personal help, come back here and ask Tom to ask his Theresa to define a thing or two for you. Test that straight-A faith and that classy reason. Believe me when I say that no matter your thoughts and statements, or your hostility and difficulties, the whole Fighting Irish family loves you, as does your God and ours.)