Saturday, September 01, 2007

Georgia Tech Destroys Fighting Irish 33-3

As stated in my Notre Dame football preview, the number 3 proved important Saturday, but it came up huge for the Yellow Jackets and tiny for the Irish as Georgia Tech defeated Notre Dame 33-3 in the worst Fighting Irish opener ever.

Indeed, all three Notre Dame quarterbacks did get to play but in the end the "D" in starter QB "DJ" (Demetrius Jones) stood for "disappointment," the "S" in Evan Sharpley stood for "sacked," and the "C" in Jimmy Clausen stood for (in)conclusive. Instead only Tech had the right choice—as in Tashard Choice—on offense. Choice sliced and diced the tired Irish "D" for 196 yards and two touchdowns, both on direct snaps. Actually the new 3-4 Notre Dame "D" hung tough with Tech until late in the 1st half when a truly stupid personal foul on Notre Dame's Justin Brown turned an Irish 4th down stop into a Tech first down on the ND 22, and with that second chance, Choice sprinted around end for the 22 yard touchdown and the Yellow Jackets never looked back.

Despite some nifty runs, Demetrius Jones' two costly fumbles not only set up Tech scores, but most likely cost Jones (who finished a mere 1-3 for 4 yards in the passing department) the starting job he worked so hard for. Sharpley (10-13, 92 yards) looked sharp at times, but 7 sacks, plus an overthrow on an open TD and a fumble makes Evan iffy with ND's inexperienced (and today overmatched) offensive line. Clausen (4-6, 34 yards) looked promising but he came in at mop up time and still was sacked once by the 2nd team Tech defense.

Because the Georgia offense started in Notre Dame territory all day, the Irish defense deserves a slight break, at least until next week. But the Notre Dame offense, which was sacked 9 times and rushed 41 times for a net of negative 8 yards, is clearly in a pickle, and Clausen, green freshman that he is, may be the only hope. After today, it would seem the only "JC" that could resurrect this team is Jesus Christ, but Jimmy Clausen's 42-0 record as a high school starter means the kid knows how to win, which is something Notre Dame needs badly right now.


Pristinus Sapienter said...

Bummer! And, on your anniversary - both my congrats and my regrets to Mr. & Mrs. Fighting Irish Thomas, the Smiling Irish O'Tooles of Chicagoland.

I figured the defense would surprise - always was a defense kind of football fan myself. I just had their surprise 180 degrees wrong . . . Why they don't call me 'Sappy the Greek', I guess. Come to think of it, glad I give no reason to call me that.

Oh, well . . . many more happy, healthy and yet more pleasant anniversaries to you. God bless you with His abundant joy, peace and love.

JimAroo said...

Sometimes this accepting God's will stuff is a real trial.

But accepting God's will for our vocation leads to true joy and peace. Happy twenty third anniversary!

When I told the queen of your big occasion, she said I wish we were there so we could take them out to dinner.

Congratulations to both of you for building a marriage of love and mutual support for these many years. You are a witness to God's love in the world.

You are so blessed in each other. But the basic JimAroo philosophy of marriage is this: Any man worth his salt knows he could never be worthy of the love of a good woman like your Netty or my Mary. So, Tom, give the thanks to the Lord.... for his mercy and our wives's love endures forever.