Thursday, September 20, 2007

St. Januarius and Mayor Weisner: A reason for saintly blood (not) to boil?

St. Januarius a.k.a. St. GennaroToday is the feast day of St. Januarius, a late third/early fourth century bishop of Naples who was martyred for the faith on this date in the year 305 A.D. It is also the day in 2007 that knuckle-headed Aurora Mayor Thomas "don't call me Charlie" Weisner knuckled under to Planned Parenthood pressure, and, against city council wishes and an August 30th court order, has allowed Planned Parenthood to occupy the building they lied about to get built. Now occupation does not equal abortion (at least it's not supposed to!) but it does allow the doctors of death to get settled, make appointments and ready their instruments of destruction so if Judge Norgle rules in their favor Thursday, they can start the killing promptly at 8 a.m. Friday. This occupation also curtails the pro-lifers' ability to protest; memorial crosses are being pulled up, access near the building is limited, and appearances seem to turn in Planned Parenthood's favor. In other words, Weisner moves right up there with Trombley in our "guys to be despised" list.

But back to Januarius. For several hundred years after he was beheaded, his remains remained in the little church in Gennaro, but eventually were transferred to Naples. Here a relic which contained a phial of his blood began to liquefy every year on his feast day, much to the amazement of the local faithful. This event has occurred for centuries and continues to this very day, when the phial is brought out by the priest, and after a time frame which ranges from fifteen minutes to several hours, the dried up blood turns to liquid (sometimes coming to a boil) at which time the priest announces, "The miracle has happened."

St. Januarius' blood is one of the most investigated of all miracles, but there are many interpretations as to what exactly it is supposed to mean. On the flip side there are a handful of times where the miracle does not occur on schedule, the last time being the year Naples elected a communist mayor. Which of course begs the question:

I know that Aurora is not Naples. But I'll be curious to see, given the wickedness of Mayor Weisner, what happened in the phial today ...

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