Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Aurora Abortion Protests: Trombley's Tramps and Thieves

“A government not ruled by justice is just a bunch of thieves.”
–St. Augustine

Although those familiar with Chicago politics might have attributed the above quote (with a few choice expletives) to Mike Royko rather than Augustine of Hippo, there can be little doubt that Steve Trombley, President of the Chicago Chapter of Planned Parenthood, together with Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and the PP stormtroopers, conspired with the aid of corrupt laywers, funds and money, to illegally open an Aurora abortuary despite the objections of the city council and the citizens themselves. Trombley's troops are nothing but legal tramps in skirts and three-piece suits stealing justice away from the masses. But now, no doubt emboldened by the shady opening of said clinic, Trombley brought his thievery to a new level by his utterly amazing statement, "We know that the services we provide will do more in one day to prevent abortions than our opposition will do in a lifetime of protesting."

Now my first impression of this sickly twisted logic that a clinic that performs abortions somehow prevents them reminded me of Martin Luther's satanic reverse psychology concerning drinking. Feeling guilt from Satan after having a beer, Luther decided he would "mock the devil" by having not one, but (at least) half a dozen brews, thereby (in Martin's mind) showing Satan who's who. Of course, such logic would be merely ridiculous if it weren't also devilish, and the fact that Luther ended up becoming a broken, paranoid alcoholic unfortunately shows that the laugh was on him.

Beginning with the elimination of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and continuing with the removal of the Rosary and devotions to the saints and Mary, Protestantism has consistently continued to dilute or distort prayer to the point Trombley's outrageous lies can be uttered without (much) political or public outcry. They are far worse than Luther's words, for they trivialize (mock) not just gluttony, but the taking of human life.

They remind me of a short story by Shirley Jackson called The Lottery, a tale that many of you read as youths. In it, a modern, seemingly civilized town held a lottery each year (which turned out to not be your typical reward-one-village-with-prizes-or-money variety), picking out one of the neighborhood children to be stoned to death (quietly, and out of sight) in offering to the gods of harvest. While the astute Social Studies student realizes that this custom, the offering of human sacrifices to appease the "gods" so that the remaining citizens might live well, has existed throughout much of mankind's history, Trombley's declaration is nothing other than a proclamation that Planned Parenthood has managed to bring this barbaric practice back complete with "legal" protection just as Jackson's scary sci-fi story predicted.

And although it is bound to make you shudder, it is worth reading Trombley's Hitler-esque "Triumph of the Will" statement once again, to compare how eerily similar it is to the one the high priest Caiaphas uttered, who 2,000 years ago told his equally corrupt contemporaries, "Do you not know that it is better for you that one man should die instead of the people, so that the whole nation may not perish?" (John 11:50).

For the devil has always craved blood, especially the blood of the young and innocent, but his plan eventually backfires because, like Trombley, he is too puffed up with self-pride to realize a "lifetime of protesting" (that is, prayer) is more powerful than an eternity of lies. Trombley's latest statement is proof that he and PP are corrupting our politicians while stealing our children. But prayer is God's promise that we don't have to let him get away with it.

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JimAroo said...

We arent always called to win but we are always called to try. The voice of truth was raised by the fighting O's and all the good people of Aurora.

Truth has benn proclaimed and heard and all truth is based on the One who is the Way the Truth and the Life.

Praised be Jesus Christ for all those brave souls who proclaimed the Gospel in their actions, writings, videos, and prayer for this noble cause.

How good it is to know that Jesus and Mary are on our side in every struggle.