Monday, October 22, 2007

Conservative Christians Like Mike: Huckabee's stunning victory

Although Mitt Romney actually edged out Mike Huckabee by less than 1/2 of a percent (27.6% to 27.2%) in the prestigious Values Voter Summit (sponsored by the Family Research Council) Straw Poll, it has to be considered a "win" for the former Arkansas governor and Baptist pastor, especially considering the circumstances. True, the two finished in a virtual tie in total votes with Mitt collecting 1,595 to Huckabee's 1,565 (recount anyone?) but this was due largely to online votes, directly purchased with Romney's mounds of Mormon money, that the summit decided to allow as eligible. In fact, of the voters present at the Washington-held convention, Huckabee garnered 488 out of 952 votes—more than 50 percent (or more than the other eight combined)—while Mitt managed only 99. Indeed, when the results of the poll were made public, most of the assembled crowd sat in stunned silence. Still, although the convention momentarily had the feel of a boxing match that was fixed, in the end, it didn't really matter. Huckabee had clearly won the house, and in their hearts, the participants knew it.

Romney, claiming his pseudo Internet-fed victory, told those present he would "work with those in the room," "champion a federal marriage amendment," and promised "to be a pro-life president." Rudy Giuliani, the Republican front-runner nationally, but because of his pro-abortion past, was supported by a microscopic 1.9% of the voters present. Sadly, Rudy did, however, change a few minds (at least to the point some delegates reluctantly said they'd vote for him if he was the Republican nominee vs. Hillary) by his "You and I and most Americans share the same goal—a country without abortion, achieved by changing the minds and hearts of people" speech.

But their smooth-talking, little-substance presentations paled in comparison to "Huck's" heart-to-heart.

"I come today not as one who comes to you, but as one who comes FROM you," said the former president of the Arkansas Baptist Convention, "and there are many who will seek our support ... lip sync our songs," Mike added, referring to the Christian hymns that opened the convention, "but it's important that people sing from their hearts. There were times ... when some things [in politics] were negotiable. But some things—the sanctity of life, the definition of marriage ... are NOT negotiable, not NOW, not EVER! Let us NEVER sacrifice our PRINCIPLES for anybody's POLITICS!"

There was a time when the Lord, to keep the party of a good friend going, changed huge jugs of water into a copious supply of wine. If the applause Huckabee received Saturday could have been transformed into cash, I believe Huckabee's national poll numbers could be every bit as high as Romney's or Giuliani's. But as Christ reminded his apostles, some miracles are only accomplished by prayer, and it's high time Catholics get out their rosaries and Christians join together in "Our Fathers," that one among us is nominated. As our man, Mike, clearly pointed out in yesterday's pointed Republican debate, "With all the fun we're having talking about it, there's nothing funny about Hillary becoming president."

So, come on Catholics! Get on the “Huck” Truck! Michael Huckabee for President!

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