Friday, October 19, 2007

Make a New Plan, Sam? Brownback backs down from presidential contention

It is with sadness that FIT learns that pro-life senator extraordinaire Sam Brownback is dropping out of the presidential race. A Catholic convert who proclaimed outlawing abortion and euthanasia his #1 issue, Brownback suffered politically both from his unwillingness to compromise on pro-life stances as well as from his lack of money. With a war chest of barely four million, 1/50th of the cash the front-runners have collected, Brownback was unable to reach out to even his most rabid supporters. I can certainly sympathize with Sam, for when my writing or speaking engagements are not bringing in enough funds, I am forced to work a second secular job, thus severely limiting my time to write and/or speak. Why faithful Catholics are caught in this "Catch-22" more often than other public figures, or if an "Orthodox Catholic President of the United States" is indeed a contradiction in terms, are subjects for another day and blog. But our chance to climb aboard the Brownback Boat have come and gone, so I am urging all faithful Catholics to now throw their support behind former Arkansas governor, Mike Huckabee, while they still can.

A fiery Baptist minister, "Huck" may not be Catholic, but he is fiercely pro-life and has the charismatic personality Brownback (who would still make a great "veep") often lacked. True, Mike has not (yet) caught up to the contenders in the polls, but his Iowa numbers have steadily risen from 4 to 12 percent, and should get another boost from Brownback's fateful decision. Huckabee is now by far the staunchest right-to-lifer left in the race, and in fact, may be the only Republican who would truly DO something to further the cause. Of the "Big 3" (Giuliani, Romney and Thompson), Freddie is the only one I could even, in good conscience cast a vote for. The thrice-divorced, pro-choice, Cafeteria Catholic Rudy, is so horrible, he gives not just "Catholic," but "cafeteria" a bad name, and while I've explored Mitt's Mormonism in depth elsewhere, it's safe to say I could never be comfortable with someone who follows the incredible fallacies Mormonism defines as "faith." Thompson actually reminds me a little bit of Ronald Reagan, which isn't all bad. Still, Fred's Hollywood side, which had him divorcing his wife to wed someone a quarter of a century younger, not to mention his fuzziness when asked about what he would have done in the Terri Schindler-Schiavo situation makes me wonder if his pro-life stance is steadfast enough to "Win one of the Gipper." I see Fred putting forth a "compromise" Supreme Court Justice candidate when given the chance, and we cannot afford another Sandra Day O'Connor boner like the one Reagan pulled if Roe vs. Wade is ever to be overturned.

Time's a wastin' FITsters! Let's get on the "Huck Truck" and proclaim "We Like Mike" with our prayers, campaigning, and cash. We may have waited too long to back Brownback, but I believe we still have a hope with Huckabee, if only we all act NOW—


DR said...

I know it is hard when your candidate if forced to leave the race, especially when money is the only reason. We are very excited to have you sign on with Huckabee. As you so rightfully pointed out he is a very moral man and his stance on abortion could not be stronger.

Thank you for the kind words you wrote about Huckabee and if you are interested you can sign up to be an official Huckabee blogger on his site. He has regular blogger conference calls where you can ask him any question. There is no call screener and you always get an honest and knowledgable answer.

Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard.

By the way, Mike Huckabee is actually up to 18% in Iowa, in a virtual tie for second with Fred. So things are looking quite good. If we add in you and your fellow Brownbackers, capitalize on the magnificent weekend he's currently having (Beck interview, FRC forum, polls rising, donations increasing, etc), the ascent to the top might happen sooner than we think.