Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Norris Joins the Huckabee Chorus: CHUCK BACKS "HUCK"!

Having been a big fan of Walker, Texas Ranger, I couldn't but be pleased with Chuck Norris' recent endorsement of Mike Huckabee for President. "Walker" was a throwback type drama, where every week good confronted evil, and although evil often had the upper hand, good always triumphed by the end of the episode—unless it was a two-parter! Huckabee too strikes me as a good vs. evil type guy, and like Walker, not ready to settle for the grey area as so many politicians do.

I'm not sure if Norris does all his own writing, but his commentary that endorses Huck comes across as both very articulate and Christian. "Of course, I want a president who can get things done," says Norris, "but I first want one who has lived a life of integrity, commitment, truthfulness and respect. Mike is that man." Norris then quotes not only Republicans, "Mike is very effective ... if Huckabee can find money, he will be competitive overnight" (Newt Gingrich), but Democrats, "He's the only dark horse who has a chance ... Mike's the best speaker they've got" (Bill Clinton). But my favorite part of Norris' endorsement piece, which addressed those who snicker that Huckabee's "too far down," or "too unknown" to win, compared Mike's candidacy to King David's. "Seven men were poised and paraded for the position of king," recalls Norris, "but David was left shepherding because he wasn't a 'front-runner' in the polls ... But God appointed David king."

"It's time to get off the bench and onto the playing field!," exhorts Walker, I mean, Norris. "It's time to rally behind him, support him financially, pray for him daily and spread the word of his character, platform and experience."

To which I can only say, "Amen, Brother Chuck!"

Now if only this election ends like an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger, I know we'll all be alright.

By the way, no news from Trivette—yet. But I can't imagine Clarence Gilyard (who since his Ranger days has converted to Catholicism) would abandon his long-time partner on this important mission ...

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