Monday, October 15, 2007

Notre Dame Football 2007: Say "farewell" to Carufel

Matt Carufel, the sophomore guard who recently started three games in place of the injured Dan Wenger on the beleaguered Irish offensive line, becomes the latest player to leave Notre Dame. Carufel, whose missed practice last week fueled speculation, made it official yesterday when he spoke to Coach Weis and was subsequently given a scholarship release. According to the Chicago Tribune's beat writer Brian Hamilton, Carufel "grew disenchanted with the school and was disappointed that he did not win the starting job in preseason." Matt's decision is even more baffling than the departure of Demetrius Jones and the others, because unlike the other defectors, Carufel DID just start three straight games (although like his other offensive mates, not exactly setting the world on fire) so he certainly can't claim he wasn't given a chance. But like a marriage born of lust and not love, Matt's divorce from Notre Dame, like Demetrius', is almost inevitable in a season where the Irish winning tradition has taken a vacation. Catholicism is an easy faith to follow when consolations keep coming your way, but far more difficult to embrace when your cross involves constant disappointments or suffering. While Weis was picked to coach his alma mater partially because ND felt his NFL success would attract recruits who some day wanted to play on Sunday, THAT can never be the primary reason a young man decides to play for Notre Dame. To praise God and "Love our Lady," should always be #1 on the list and if that leads to a #1 ranking or future football glory, so be it. But those goals though good, are fleeting, while Jesus Christ is forever ...

For, having lived at Notre Dame the better part of five years (and still one to tear up whenever I return), I cannot believe an Irish player who loved Our Lady would ever want to leave it.

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