Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pray, Oh Pro-Life People of Aurora—for the gates of hell have been opened

I see a vision in my mind's eye of a great battle, beginning on Sept. 29th, the feasts of the archangels, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Michael and his legions will then become engaged in a horrific three-day war with Satan and the fallen angels for control of the city. Indeed for a time the battle will seem lost, but on Oct. 1st, the feast of St. Therese, there will suddenly be showers of roses from heaven, and Michael will present his Lord with a proclamation of victory. The next day, the feast of the Guardian Angels will be declared a day of celebration and dancing as the fallen young patriots of abortion will join with their guardians in celebrating with the pro-life forces throughout the land.
-FIT, 9-18-07

Alas, my Aurora pro-life vision did not come to pass quite as I imagined. Although St. Therese's feast day did bring about probably the strongest pro-life, anti-Planned Parenthood commentary ever in a mainstream Chicago media (Dennis Byrne's Chicago Tribune commentary, "Planned Parenthood applies with lies") publication, it did not bring about the triumph I envisioned. Instead, Kane County state's attorney John Barsanti turned a blind eye to obvious application violations, rubber-stamping Planned Parenthood's Chicago president, Steve "The Trickster" Trombley, and Aurora Mayor Tom "Don't call me Charlie" Weisner's evil plan, and ruled the clinic could be open for murder beginning today, the feast of the Guardian Angels.

Still, Byrne's St. Therese feast day column was a treat. "The abortion industry has demonstrated great skill in the arts of deception, invention and omission," wrote Byrne; "Now thanks to the lengths that Planned Parenthood went to disguise the fact that its new medical clinic in Aurora would perform abortions, ... we now have an even better understanding of the industry's dishonesty." Byrne goes on to highlight some of PP's classic lies, such as denying that partial birth abortion even existed, then later saying it was rarely used, until finally Ron Fitzsimmons, head of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers admitted he was "lying through his teeth," and that the procedure not only existed, but was used frequently and for whatever reason the mother wanted.

But despite this public airing of the abortion industry's dirty laundry, the mayor, his lawyers (hardly the "independent attorneys" he called them) and the Kane County SA Barsanti together conspired to accept the old lie. They claimed the building application wasn't fraudulent because this district was already zoned for medical offices, but any middle schooler could easily see it wasn't zoned for non-profit medical use, two completely different entities.

"Today the people of Aurora were betrayed by Mayor Tom Weisner and counsel Alayne Weingartz, who took it upon themselves to declare that Planned Parenthood may open!" shouted Eric Scheidler, Pro-Life Action League leader, while Aurora City Councilman Rick Lawrence, clinic critic and now a pro-life protester as well, added, "This should have been decided by all the elected officials, not just one of them." Scheidler vowed to continue the legal battle filing a lawsuit Tuesday, Oct. 2, based on the non-profit application violation, not to mention his pending August case against the city of Aurora for police protest interference, and his libel suit against the Aurora Beacon News for writing that his organization advocates "violence and criminal activity."

Admittedly, for the moment it doesn't look good. While Scheidler and every pro-lifer who has fought the Aurora abortion fight should be commended for delaying the clinic's opening two full weeks, the evil one once again appears to have the upper hand. But even my vision foresaw a time when all appeared to be lost, and I still believe that if we can somehow get this case to the state's highest court of appeals, Supreme Court Justice Bob "Fighting Irish" Thomas, once the famed Notre Dame kicker who put many clutch balls through the uprights, will do everything in his power to make this case end "up right" too. Til then, I ask all FIT readers, on this feast of the Guardian Angels, to send your individual guardian angel over to the Aurora clinic to descend upon the troubled women who are currently considering abortions. For with these thousands of angels "to rule and guide them," I believe there's a good chance those troubled women will see through Planned Parenthood's lies and give life a chance at least until Fighting Irish justice shall reign over Aurora once again.

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