Friday, October 12, 2007

"Speedy" Madrazo Strikes Again? Roberto's running (of the mouth) reply

On a day when Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize, I suppose nothing should surprise us. But if the former veep's victory is an "ala-Gore-y" as to the way godlessness has taken over science, the fact that Mexican politician and ex-marathon winner Roberto "Speedy Gonzales" Madrazo not only came out with a defense of his deception, but thinks the public is gullible enough to buy the reply, is truly beyond belief.

As you recall from yesterday's FIT blog, Madrazo ran half of the Berlin Marathon legitimately, then allegedly ran the next nine miles in 21 minutes (the world record for that distance is twice that) before prancing up to the finish line barely breaking a sweat. Of course he was disqualified and later soundly mocked, but instead of admitting defeat, Madrazo's spokeswoman offered this curious rebuttal. "If Roberto was so good at cheating, why didn't he win [i.e. steal] the Mexican presidential election?"

"Whoever said he was GOOD at it?" snickered the Chicago Tribune's editorialist, but amazingly it did not stop there. For yesterday Madrazo himself came out with his own novel explanation.

"I never declared myself the winner in Berlin," explained Madrazo, blaming the mistake on the media. "I simply went back to the finish line to collect my belongings."

But just as Madrazo's miscue might not have been caught if the race wasn't electronically monitored, his end-game explanation might be plausible if his finish wasn't captured on tape. Not only did Madrazo do nothing to discourage race officials when he was awarded the best time in the 55-year-or-older category, cameras caught him sprinting across the finish, pumping his fists in celebration, then raising them in triumph. So you see, a picture—whether it is of Madrazo cheating across the finish line, Al Gore's kingly living in his energy-sucking mansions, or Planned Parenthood's abortionists tearing limbs or crushing skulls in Aurora's house of pain—is still worth a thousand words.

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