Thursday, October 18, 2007

St. Margaret Mary Feast, "Dr. Berman's" Neighborhood and My Daughter's Birthday: Welcome to the fight, Therese!

Due to life's deadlines, this column appears two days later than planned. Sorry for the delay!

Today, the Feast of St. Margaret Mary, the woman most responsible for devotion to the Sacred Heart, is also my daughter's 17th birthday. Sadly, it's yet another day that the Aurora abortion clinic remains (illegally) open. Meanwhile, pro-choice propaganda including Oct. 15th's (the feast day of St. Teresa of Avila) Chicago Sun-Times' pitiful Showcase piece entitled "Planned Parenthood is not the enemy in abortion fight," abounds.

This article was authored by Dr. Laura Berman in her reoccurring role as "Sex and Relationships" columnist. The column is accompanied by a cute-pretty, very youthful looking picture of the doctor, and her writing reflects juvenile naivete mixed with monstrous lies. "Planned Parenthood has arrived!" Berman gushes like a giddy schoolgirl and it "can be viewed as nothing short of a windfall." "Windfall" strikes me as an odd "choice" of word, since it is usually associated with gaining a large unexpected sum of money and Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization ... but maybe Dr. Berman knows something we do not. Apparently so, because she goes on to say that "only 3 percent of all Planned Parenthood services are abortion related," an astonishingly low figure considering that "Evil Steve" Trombley himself, Chicago Planned Parenthood's president and master of mis-information, lists that figure at 10 percent. But Berman is no doubt better looking than Trombley which I guess allows her an even bigger leeway on lying.

Still, Laura does pay tribute to PP's local Dark Lord, quoting Trombley's most frightening famous fabrication word for word. "We know that the services provided at this center will do more in one day to prevent abortions than our opponents will do in a lifetime of protesting." While my feelings on this undoubtedly diabolic statement have been chronicled in a previous blog, the fact that Berman repeats rather than ridicules this incredible statement makes me recall another; something about if a lie is big enough and told often enough, it becomes (for most minds) true.

Ms. Berman then continues to spout the usual party-line lies, including calling the morning-after pill "a safe form of birth control," rather than a dangerous abortifacient. She later glowingly tells how Illinois Jr. Senator/Presidential Candidate (and possible Antichrist) Barack Obama "fully supports PP's desire to open a new facility in Aurora," then concludes with the enigmatic enthusiasm of the cheerleader-gone-bad, "Welcome to the neighborhood, Planned Parenthood!"

Baby MalachiDr. Laura BermanI'm not exactly sure what kind of doctor Ms. Berman is, or if she's really as young and carefree as her picture implies. But obviously her beautiful, youthful appearance is meant to be a Planned Parenthood selling point. Of course, I wouldn't mind this so much if they put a picture of a bloody, mangled aborted corpse next to Laura's perfect pic to demonstrate what she really advocates. On the other hand, to be 100 percent accurate, the words "BOLD FACED LIE!" would have to appear after each of her untruths, but you'd need not one column, but three pages of print to accomplish that.

Something tells me the Sun Times isn't going to go along with my suggestion anytime soon, so let me propose an alternative. How about printing a column written by my daughter next to Dr. Berman's, with Therese's beautiful, but determined face atop the page about the truth concerning the Planned Parenthood movement, complete with court documents, abortion horror stories, and Biblical or Papal encyclical quotes to drive her youthful truths home. Happy Birthday, Therese. I'm so proud to see you've joined your father in the pro-life fight! But there's much work to be done, so say your St. Margaret Mary prayer to the Sacred Heart, grab your miraculous medal, and let us together enter into the battle ...

Therese's related poem "Freedom from America" can be found on Friends of Fighting Irish Thomas. Dr. Berman can be reached at

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