Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Huck Out of “IN” Crowd? The Politics of Bullying—and the Power of One

Watching a 20/20 documentary called "The In Crowd" today with the York High English class I was teaching, I couldn't help but think how the bullying culture of teenage kids is alive and well today in modern American politics. There's Hillary, the classic American bully whose basic message, despite her "people" trying to make her "softer around the edges," is "vote for me—or else!" There's Barack Obama, who, as one middle-school girl says, "has the personality people just can't ignore," saying "follow me or you'll be left behind with those geeky 'GOPs'." And then there's the Republicans themselves...

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't picture Mike Huckabee as the most popular kid growing up. Grossly overweight until he lost over 100 lbs. several years ago, I don't see Huck getting the girls like society-guy Rudy or Hollywood Fred, and glamor seems to be a prerequisite for these key endorsers (who Christian or not, like to think of themselves as popular men and women) even when these big wigs stand for something good, such as the overturn of Roe v. Wade. They seem to be afraid to throw their lot in with a former geek like Huck (despite the fact his beliefs best echo theirs) for fear they will be labeled a "loser nerd" too. How else can one explain the National Right to Life Committee endorsing the "pro-life-when-politically-expedient" Thompson over the "As a Christian, I call abortion murder" Huckabee?

In the video we watched today, experts said that usually, if just one person intervened when the picked-on kid was being harassed, robbed or beaten, the bullying would stop. And yesterday Chuck Norris wrote me (okay, I'm sure he sent the same e-mail to a lot of other people too, but you get the idea) that if everyone on his list told just one other person about Huckabee, and if all those people contributed (at least) one dollar to the campaign ("A Buck for Huck") then Huckabee would win. So don't be bullied by the so-called movers and shakers, thinking you have to vote for them because of their money or name recognition ... for who today is being bullied in our country more than the unborn? And who is more able to save them than the one who committed his life (and career) to the ultimate outcast, a Savior named Christ?

Don't delay! Tell someone why you like Mike—and send your "Buck to Huck" today!

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