Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Looking for a Winner? Medved has Huck now ahead!

I was cruisin' in the Paraclete's Passport and while runnin' through the radio dial, came across former movie-critic-turned-conservative-talk-show-host Michael Medved's program, and he was citing a national poll showing that with Republican voters in Iowa, former Arkansas governor and FIT presidential candidate Michael Huckabee, was actually now AHEAD.

"It's rather astounding," said Medved, glibly adding that he was the first national media figure to take the Huckabee candidacy seriously. "I mean, Mitt Romney has spent twelve times as much money in Iowa as Mike ... but Huckabee has now passed him." Noting that the other candidates are now taking him seriously too, by attacking Huckabee with the rather bizarre charge that Mike is a closet liberal (or "pro-life liberal" as "Fast Freddie" Thompson likes to say), Medved, who says he is "defending Huckabee, not endorsing him," states that nothing could be further from the truth. Quoting Huckabee's Web site on the issue of illegal immigration, Medved reads that Huckabee calls the problem not only a "top priority," but a "national emergency." Huckabee opposes national amnesty, opposes driver's licenses for illegals, and will not tolerate employers who hire them, promising, "to make the fine so high on employers who do that they will have to stop!" As far as Huckabee's proposal to get rid of the IRS and income tax, Medved calls it the "most radical, yet most popular and ultimately most conservative plan to lower taxes," noting that this "fair tax" proposal is the only specific progam to lower taxes among the top candidates. "There's something almost irresistible about the Huckabee campaign," says Medved. "It's unorganized, it's underfunded... and now it's winning."

On this happy note, I got out of my car and headed into the YMCA for a pre-Thanksgiving workout. After enduring the treadmill and the gloom and doom of another down day on the Dow Jones, who should appear on the TV screen but our man Huck himself.

While FOX News used an old ABC poll showing Huckabee still trailing Romney by three percent, the TV commentator did note that Huckabee's support in Iowa had tripled since July, and asked the former three-term governor what he thought this was due to.

"Well, the people in Iowa all live on or near the farm, so they know how to step around the manure when they see it," Mike deadpanned.

A pro-life candidate with a sense of humor, Mike's a man after my own heart!

Tomorrow we give thanks for the rather eclectic group of celebrities who have endorsed Mike. 'Til then, click on Huck's silly campaign video ("Border Security? I can answer that with two words ... Chuck Norris!") as well as his heartfelt pro-life clip, and keep fighting the good fight!

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