Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Notre Dame Basketball 2007-08: Another "Suffering Irish" season?

Opening the Sports section to read about the Fighting Irish early season basketball results did exactly lead my spirit to "Paradise." Yes, the Irish were playing in the early season "Paradise Jam" tournament held in the Virgin Islands, but, after squandering a 54-44 second half lead only to lose to Baylor 68-64 in the opener, they gave up a 9-point lead to Georgia Tech and fell 70-69 on a 3-point Yellow Jacket bomb at the buzzer to finish the tournament winless not to mention leaving me wondering if basketball would be another "Suffering Irish" season.

While Notre Dame was a slight favorite against the Bearcats, the combined 5-30 shooting of Tory Jackson (2-for-8), Rob Kunz (2-for-11) and Kyle McAlarney (1-for-11) doomed the Irish, despite Luke Harangody's game high 22. Luke again was the leading scorer against Tech with his second straight 22-point game, and while Jackson's (3-for-11) and McAlarney's (3-for-8) shooting was marginally better, Tech's touch especially its 8-for-11 3-point shooting in the second half, was lights out.

The Irish have several more games to get it together before league play, but it they don't get hot soon, bot the weather and the Big East season are bound to be brutal.

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