Thursday, December 13, 2007

Peace on Earth; Good Will Toward “Em”—Rachael's Christmas poem

Lately, I've been teaching a lot in that spot where Bryan Middle School places its "difficult cases." Sometimes hard on the outside, these kids (once you get to know them) all really have hearts of Gold. Of course, getting them to do their homework is another story ... But, for now, let's focus on our Hope for them, especially for Rachael (who is also nicknamed Emmy), a poet in her own "write" and whose many writing inquiries prompted these present stanzas.

These Are
Her Rooms
of Doom

For Here
She Sits
and Sighs

And There
She Quits
and Cries

But suddenly ...
Despair disappears and the Spirit inspires
As she seeks the answers that Wisdom requires
And asks "the Writer" through the gloom and gloam
"But when's the last time you wrote a poem?"

She challenges me to write the riff
That God has given me as gift
A poem that takes you past what makes you sad
That gives you strength when all looks bad

The tale of He who came down from on High
To live, to learn, to dream, to DIE
Then RISE—to show us all the Reason why
Love ALWAYS wins if we just try

As a Babe

He cradled you when you did fall

As a Man

He stands by you so you stand tall
To fearlessly proclaim His Call
To be a Light that shines for all


Christmas is coming so this poem must end
But before I take my leave, my friend
I'll sing that chorus once again
Peace on Earth! Good Will toward "Em"!

Tom (Mr.) O'Toole
to Rachael
(and all those in the "Room of Doom")
Merry Christmas!
Feast of St. Lucy
Dec. 13, 2007

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