Friday, January 25, 2008

Archbishop Burke and the Pro-Choice Billiken: O Lord, spare us from Coach Majerus!

Trashing the Catholic Church: university style (Pt. 2)

Yes, you just sense something's fishy when the high-profile basketball coach of a Catholic university is appearing at a Hillary Clinton rally. And, of course, anyone who follows college hoops, knows that St. Louis University's new coach, Rick Majerus, is too big to hide, and soon the Cafeteria Catholic was out of the bag.

When asked if the fact that he supported Clinton meant he was pro-abortion, Majerus, the first year coach of the Billikens (or shall we say Hillarykens?) first said he didn't want to go there, but later admitted he was "personally pro-choice."

When University of St. Louis (which is run by the Jesuits) spokesman, Clayton Berry, downplayed the incident by saying Majerus was at the rally, "as an individual, not as a representative of the university," who should ride to the rescue but that lone ranger of Catholic orthodoxy, Archbishop Raymond Burke himself. A previous hero of Fighting Irish Thomas, not only for his refusal to give John Kerry communion, but for his resignation from the board of the Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation when they scheduled the pro-abort singer, Sheryl Crow, to do a fundraiser for them, the archbishop said he would promptly schedule a meeting with St. Louis president, Lawrence Biondi, as soon as Burke returned from—you guessed it—the Washington Right to Life March, to discuss appropriate action. "I'm concerned that as a leader at a Catholic university, Coach Majerus' comments could lead others astray. I believe that it's of the essence for people to understand that as a Catholic [which Coach Majerus vehemently claims to be], you just cannot hold those beliefs."

Majerus, for his part, sputtered something about the archbishop violating his First Amendment rights, but as a graduate of Marquette University, Rick should know better than that. One of the most successful coaches in the history of college basketball with a 432-154 record, Majerus actually applied at the University of Notre Dame several years ago, and while at the time no official reason was given, basketball insiders were stunned that the Irish wouldn't hire such a brilliant tactician. I now give kudos to former Notre Dame president, Rev. Edward Malloy, for saying no to what would have been a very winning, but ultimately lost tenure. In many ways, coaches of revenue sports at Catholic universities have bigger profiles than even the school's president, and while Burke didn't demand that Majerus resign, you better believe he's counting on Biondi to do something with him, so here is my suggestion ...

This photo of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was taken the day abortion was legalized in Mexico City and a baby-like light mysteriously appeared which cannot be explained.Majerus, who now seems even more emboldened about his pro-abortion stance than before, should be made to study the history of the Mother to the Unborn, Our Lady of Guadalupe. This coach who often spends hours going over game fields would now analyze the history of Our Lady of the Americas concluding with an all-night vigil in front of the tilma itself. If this great strategist who has had an answer for every possible defense the opposition has thrown at him could solve the mystery of this nearly 500-year-old sacramental that cures souls, has miraculously survived both fire and decay, and is painted with a material unknown to man, then he is free to be pro-choice. But if he cannot explain away her never-ending intercession, Rick must recant, revert—or resign. In other words, if you can't beat Her, join Her—and stop approving the sacrifice of her children to the Aztec gods that Bill and Hillary still worship.


Michael said...

Rick must recant, revert—or resign. In other words, if you can't beat Her, join Her—and stop approving the sacrifice of her children to the Aztec gods that Bill and Hillary still worship.

Um, no, he doesn't need to do that. BTW, the "Aztec gods" bit, while clearly an attempt to say something valid about life, is actually incorrect about what the Clintons believe, and makes you look like a clumniating ass.

Tom O'Toole said...

Michael -- Trying to top Jacobson in tastelessness? Ah, the maxim that people who swear can't spell rings true once again, so let's culminate with this: Abortion is murder, and even the most hardened supporters of Planned Parenthood no longer dispute this fact.


paul coffey said...

wonderful writing! God bless you and the archbishop- wish we had more of you 2 across the nation