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A plenitude of thoughtful commentary is posted daily on (The following views of John Beadle reflect this.) And because these remarks are enlightening and would benefit more folks if they had additional “air” time, we will be posting some of them in the future on Friends of Fighting Irish Thomas.

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Michael Dale “Mike” Huckabee
Next President of the United States
January 8, 2008

Dear Sir:

I have been following the candidates for the President of the United States and the major topic is “Change.” Outside of the subjects that have been the laundry list for years of health-care, immigration, and stopping terrorism there just hasn’t been a realistic attempt to address the real needs of this Great Nation of ours.

What are the needs of this Nation that can be fixed from the office on Pennsylvania Ave.? The late J. Edgar Hoover, who headed up our Federal Bureau of Investigation made this statement: “WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT, THE MORALS TO WHICH WE SUBSCRIBE AS A PEOPLE ARE VITAL FOR OUR SURVIVAL AS A FREE NATION.” Today, many people are beginning to wonder if we may not be in grave danger of rejecting those things which are the source of our nation’s strength. The question that plagues us is whether we are entering an age that must end in anarchy. From the looks of our nations streets and the rational of the people that will elect our next leader we are rearing a generation almost wholly lacking in self-discipline. Are we as a nation good enough to preserve the great republic to which we have pledged our allegiance.

President Abraham Lincoln gave a speech in Springfield, Illinois, in January, 1837. He had a clear vision of the future of this great nation. He noted that no foreign power or combination of foreign powers “...could by force take a drink of the Ohio river or make a track on the Blue Ridge ...” Lincoln said, “If it ever reached us, it must spring from among us, it cannot come from abroad. If this nation is destroyed, we will be the author and finisher of that fate. Lincoln was telling us to be careful for the danger that faces the nation was the corrupting of its people, or commonly referred to “THE SUBVERTING OF THE AMERICAN SPIRIT.”

When the United States entered the 20th century, it was basically sound. It throbbed with life and vitality. Most people were deeply patriotic, loved their country, and lived by a definite standard of morality. They respected their country, their neighbor, and themselves. The home and family were held in high esteem. Men were masculine, women were feminine, and both sexes were content with their natural role and God-given responsibilities. In the years since then, all of these pillars of sound society have been eroding away, and we have now reached the point where the average person is left without a set of clearly defined principles by which to run his life. They are left floundering on the quicksand of doubt, fear and indecision. A nation that stands for nothing will fall for anything.

The fruit of what I have stated can be seen everywhere. Look at any facet of our society. You will see chronic disease gnawing away relentlessly at the nation’s institutions. It is reflected in its leading institutions, in our education system, our professional sports and in our churches, in our government and in the home. It is also mirrored in the financial mess in which the government and most individuals find themselves.

What went wrong? How did we get into this mess? What has blinded so many people to their destiny? By the stroke of a pen in 1962 God was banded from our education system, our government, from society in general and the results are evidenced all around. We are no longer that proud nation with other nations bowing at our feet. We are a humbled nation that is cursed by world leaders and without direction. Thirty years ago, the image which America projected to the world was one of a colossally powerful, vibrantly alive, fantastically rich and benevolent giant who could confidently be trusted to lead the world through the challenges of the future. However, in the process of time, that image has become tarnished, dented, chipped, smashed, and broken.

Our new image around the world is one of a lumbering, stumbling, bumbling, grumbling dolt, who staggers from one crisis to another through a blinding haze of fear and indecision. It is the image of a terribly sick giant, who, having exchanged his God-given Christian heritage for a bowl of atheistic, socialistic pottage, has lost his sense of destiny and has purged his mind of any trace of morality.

Ministers across the land have been warning of the approaching dilemma, but nobody would listen. The politicians certainly wouldn’t listen because it was not a sweet message and the American public wanted to stick their heads in the sand in hopes that the problem would go away. Let somebody else fight the problem. The straw that broke the camels back was the Supreme Court decision on June 25, 1962 that eliminated prayer and Bible reading from the American Classroom. The eyes of the people were blinded so they could not see the wolf. Since they could not see it the right-wing extremists were just crying “wolf.” Edmund Burke truly stated “THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING.”

The one change that would affect every single person in the United States of America is to get back under the covering of God. Our forefathers knew that without the Lord Jesus Christ at the helm, this nation was doomed for failure. We need a President who will not bow down to other gods, but stand like Daniel did and worship the one true God. God’s Word states that He is with us when we go through the waters, and the waves will not cover us. He is with us when we go through the fire, and the flames will not kindle against us. No weapon formed against us shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against us shall be condemned. Greater is He that is within me, than he that is in the world.

I admit that I am no politician but we need to invoke the power of the Holy Spirit and reverse the trend that this Nation of ours is headed which is not only financial disaster, but complete anarchy with the collapse of our government. The change that will put you into the White House is to invite God back into His rightful place as the foundation of our Nation. These thoughts are from a book called “Guardian of the Grail” by J.R. Church. Making a commitment to return God to our Nation is the greatest change a candidate could make. If the people do not grasp the severity of this issue then I wouldn’t want to be president of a nation that dissolves in the ashes of time.

God bless and my prayers go with you.


John E. Beadle
5924 Heatherwood Ct.
Alexandria, VA. 22310

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