Sunday, January 13, 2008

Michael Huckabee and St. Thomas More: First things first

I love being in the GOP,
but I love my country
even more.

–Mike Huckabee, yesterday in Michigan

I am the king's good
servant, but God's

–Sir Thomas More, shortly before his execution by Henry VIII for ‘treason’

With his Michigan support multiplying almost by the minute, underdog Mike Huckabee gave a rousing speech yesterday calling his campaign a "cause" and sounding like St. Thomas More in describing his tussles with the GOP elite. "We're people who will no longer just allow people to get elected, promising that they're listening to us about the sanctity of human life. We want to elect people who will do something about protecting human life," said Huckabee no doubt taking a shot not only at Mitt Romney, who still favored a low co-pay for abortion in Massachusetts even after he became "pro-life," but John McCain, who did his best to remove some of the Republican Party's pro-life planks when he ran for the GOP presidency in 2000.

Huckabee also confirmed the talk on Fighting Irish Thomas when he revealed, "Apparently my candidacy comes as somewhat of a threat to a lot of the Republicans in the Republican establishment—some of the folks who have run the party in the Washington circles," he said. "They've maybe not understood that the heart and soul of the Republican Party is only as strong as the heart and soul of the rest of America."

"I'm asking you today to be part of something more than a campaign," Huck urged. "I want you to be part of a cause." Then echoing the famous English statesman who became a saint, Michael spoke the above quoted words about the country vs. the GOP while urging a group of about one hundred pastors to get out the vote.

While it's true many in the party are still afraid to vote for Huckabee because he does not bow to big GOP money, we must remember that not only was Abraham Lincoln re-elected mostly by the votes of Northern soldiers and their families, but Ronald Reagan was initially elected without the support of the party elite as well. To date, Huckabee has not yet given a "Win one for the Gipper" (Reagan played Notre Dame football player George Gipp in his playing days) speech, or quoted the sixth century English martyr More's views on government. But you can bet that when he does, Fighting Irish Thomas will be ready!

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