Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On to South Carolina: Romney wins Michigan, Huckabee 3rd

The memory of his father, and the sheer weight of his wallet, was too much for Michael Huckabee to overcome in Michigan, as Huck finished 3rd again with 16 percent of the vote. Romney totaled 39 percent and New Hampshire victor John McCain got 30 percent.

In his concession speech, Huckabee thanked the voters saying, "We were outspent 50-1 here, so to do as well as we did is a remarkable testament to my Michigan volunteers. So it looks like I won Iowa, John won New Hampshire, and Mitt won Michigan. But ladies and gentlemen, we're going to win South Carolina."

The good news, for Huck's fans is that Romney's victory stopped McCain's momentum. The bad is that this makes South Carolina a MUST win for Huck if he's still going to contend.

Mike IS ahead there, so far, and he's only being outspent there by about 10-1, but win or lose, there is one thing a Huckabee Christian supporter must understand. Mike might be outspent, but he cannot be outprayed. Friday starts what Catholics call Christian Unity Week, and Pope Benedict's 2008 theme, "Pray Unceasing," fits in perfectly for Huck's week too. So onward to South Carolina, and open your Bibles to 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Mike needs our help ...

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