Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The “Catholic Online” Huckabee Endorsement: Great—but too little too late?

Finally, a big Catholic site with a HUGE Catholic Huckabee endorsement. The first question I asked God when I read this (as well as Bobby Schindler's) ringing endorsement is, "But why did it take so long?" But His ways are not ours, and His timing is certainly not Fighting Irish Thomas' ...

Anyway, "The Only 'Catholic' On the Ballot: Mike Huckabee?" is too good to summarize (please read it all), but author Robert Stackpole's basic premise, "This time around Catholics have been given extra help in making wise choices ... the (Catholic Bishops 2007 Document) 'Forming Consciences for Faithful citizenship' ... when this is done fairly and without prejudice ... the candidate most 'in sync' with the Church's guidance is none other than devout Evangelical Mike Huckabee," is exactly that of FIT/Domers for Huckabee.

Stackpole goes on to cover not only Huckabee's uncompromising views on abortion, euthanasia, and traditional marriage, but how Huck's preferential view of the poor (including his fair tax proposal) is right in line with Catholic teaching too!

As far as too little too late, well Super Tuesday hasn't happened yet, has it? So when Huck receives the eleventh hour support of Schindler, C.O. or the myriad of states' pro-life groups who have endorsed Mike this past week, our response shouldn't be a sarcastic "Great," but an enthusiastic gratefulness that our prayers have indeed been answered.

And am I the only one who finds it humorous (in a holy sort of way) that Catholic Online is advertising St. Michael the Archangel medals next to its ringing Guest Commentary endorsement of Mike Huckabee?

Heck, how can one NOT pray, St. Michael the Archangel ... for Huck now?


James H said...

I agree. I called for Huckabee all day. Almost got third but Rudy's Early voting gave him a cushion

I am talking about this later today. I think we are in great shape for Super Tuesday

Matt said...

It is a shame that Huckabee does not have more support from prominent Catholics. Mostly I think due to his association with anti-Catholics, which is not in my opinion justification for withholding this support. I sure hope he can at least pull off the VP slot. That would make me much more comfortable with either of the front-runners, if it's with McCain it carries the bonus of a likely springboard to his next run in 2012.

God Bless,