Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Five Smooth Stones: Huckabee wins five states, stays in race

Returning to the David and Goliath metaphor used by this writer to describe his Iowa victory, Mike Huckabee told his followers in the days leading up to Super Tuesday, that he was entering the contests not with machine money or big party endorsements, but with "five smooth stones,"—like his diminutive Old Testament predecessor. And Mike's prediction (and aim) proved true, for with his five smooth stones, Mike captured five great states, namely, West Virginia, Alabama, Georiga, Arkansas, and Tennessee. While it's sad Mike didn't have a couple more stones, for he ran short of ammunition before he could bag Oklahoma where he lost by just three percent and Missouri, a real tragedy considering he lost by less than one percent, and the "Show Me" state was winner-take-all. But still it was a great day for the only genuine pro-life candidate, and Mike, who said it was time "the people not the pundits" decide the election, vowed to continue the fight, saying he was "in it to win it." And he—and we—still can, if we have enough "stones" to still "like Mike" and allow Huck to reload through our funds and prayers.

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Leticia said...

I didn't realize how close the voter was in Oklahoma, I was SO upset about Missouri!
We can thank Rudy that all the Northeastern states are winner take all, that plus super Tuesday was his doing to maximize his results.
We have to keep a closer eye on those smoke filled rooms!