Monday, February 11, 2008

Huckabee Wins (at least) Two out of Three: Maryland, Virginia, (DC) next

I didn't major in math, I majored in miracles.

Mike Huckabee, recalling his college career when asked why, considering a victory was now a near mathematical impossibility, he did not concede the nomination to John McCain.

Mike Huckabee won two, and possibly even scored a clean sweep in the weekend's primaries, crushing John McCain in Kansas (by an astounding 60 to 24 percent) then upsetting the ol' warhorse in Louisiana by a mere 2,300 votes to keep the Huckabee pro-life candidacy alive. Meanwhile, in the state of Washington caucus, McCain (at the time ahead by a mere 200 votes), was declared the winner—despite the fact 1,500 votes were not yet counted! I'd like to hear more from our Washington correspondent to see if this was voting irregularity or caucus conspiracy, as well as someone from Louisiana to tell me when it will award Huck the state's delegates. It appears Huck is not only fighting McCain's Republican pundits now, but polls predicting (incorrectly) he will lose, not to mention delinquent delegate procedures. The only "P" he seems to currently have on his side now is the pro-life people. But that, along with the prayers of the pre-born, may be exactly the miracle Huck is counting on.

In the end, Huck is proving once again how far a little hope (and a lot of humor) can go. There he was Sunday back on "Meet the Press" fending off Tim Russert's typical trip-up attempts with flawless logic, stunning pro-life prohecy, and more than a little levity. In fact, Russert's retreaded tax attacks seemed tedious and tired, and his accusation about Protestant ministers funneling ungodly amounts of money to the broke anti-establishment candidate of God's kingdom, seemed laughable. Indeed Russert, without admitting it, seems to have finally been won over by Huckabee's sincerity giving Mike the opportunity to "admit" to his college "crime" of frying hunted squirrels in his dorm room popcorn popper.

"Did you eat them?" inquired Russert.

"We sure did. Squirrels are practically a delicacy to the South's poor," Huck confessed.

"What did IT taste like?"

"I know I SHOULD say "chicken," but they really taste like ... squirrel."

"But have you eaten any since?"

"No, Tim, thank the Lord I haven't had to resort to that ..."

In fact, it is quite the opposite. The prayers and pro-family endorsements for Mike are multiplying, and Huck is still getting enough money to at least not have to dine on THAT furry delicacy. And so on this day when Catholics remember the miracles of Lourdes and the humble young Bernadette to whom Mary revealed Herself as "The Immaculate Conception," let us not forget to pray for hopeful Republican Michael Huckabee, the only candidate who consistently has fought for life from conception to natural death, as he contests in Virginia, Mary-land, and DC.


Anonymous said...

Soon it will be time for Texans to speak out!! We think it's time to give McCain a good ole fashion whooping so we are getting one ready for him when that time comes. Since I live here in the Lone Star State I have already begun to make those famous phone calls in my town of Brownwood. Go! Huck! We can win this! If we pay attention to the pundits and give up and they think truly they would like to see it all go down the drain. When Mike first said, "He ain't quitting," it is my firm opinion that the Washington Establishment didn't believe him. A man of his word?? I am so proud of Mike Huckabee, this God-fearing man with values, standing like a rock for all of us...

God Bless you Mike and God bless the USA,
Janis Oney/Texas

Tom O'Toole said...

Janis -- Amen, Sister! It's great to see how Huck appeals to both the young and young at heart. Keep making those phone calls ...

God's grace,

P.S. We KNOW "Walker" is pulling for Mike ... but where's Trivette?