Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fighting Irish Thomas has been busy, busy, busy!

Tom wanted to alert his readers as to why he hasn't written lately for FIT, but he hasn't had the time to jot down a quick paragraph. His two jobs, a new third job as a high school tennis coach, and a book deal (co-authoring on the Chicago Bears) are keeping him spinning.

Tom will write again for FIT as soon as some time frees up. In the meantime, please visit our new site,, where there are links to articles refreshed several times a day on Catholicism, Sports, Pro-Life and Politics.

Thank you,
[Mrs.] Fighting Irish Thomas


Aldrich said...

You're really blessed to have Mrs. FIT standing behind you while you're busy at work! What a great imitation of Our Lady.

Padre Steve said...

Thanks for including my Da Mihi Animas at Cathlete. It is always interesting to see everything that is added to the site! Keep up the good work, keep smiling and God bless! Padre Steve