Monday, May 26, 2008

From Civil War to Civil Unions: Our Country's rebirth into the Culture of Death

"Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth ... a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, can long endure ... we here resolve that ... this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that this government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth."
–Abraham Lincoln, from The Gettysburg Address

"We are all just prisoners here of our own device ... you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. Welcome to the Hotel California ..."
–Don Henley, from "Hotel California" by the Eagles

I suppose that in many respects, the California Supreme Court's recent ruling to legalize gay marriage was the last straw to conservative Christians, the cannon shot that could start a full-scale culture war. Sure, their decision was both arrogant (flying in the face of what the majority of the people in California wanted) and decadent (basically proclaiming that any human union was as good as any other) but it was merely symptomatic of what the liberal intelligentsia had long espoused. And while these Democrats of the dammed are still the minority, they are fully convinced that their new pleasant-appearing, sweet-talking dealer of death has duped enough Generation Next voters to become the next president of these (once) United States. And if this unspeakable catastrophe indeed comes to pass, those faithful pro-lifers still left in this land may have no choice than to respond with our nation's second Civil War.

As Abraham Lincoln so concisely demonstrated almost a century and a half ago, the notion of a nation "conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal" had become so foreign to a substantial segment of our southern population that the moral majority had no choice but to fight to bring this freedom back. Thanks largely to the fearless leadership of perhaps our nation's most God-fearing president, the northern states won this war, and the once and future United States outlawed slavery, and our country began it's nearly 100-year trek back to liberty. But just when our nation had finally gotten past the enforced prejudice by passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, on June 7th, 1965, the Supreme Court, with Griswold v. Connecticut, opened up a fatal can of worms by legalizing artificial contraception in the form of "the Pill". Few, outside of Pope Paul VI and his courageous encyclical Humane Vitae, realized it at the time, but just as "Desire conceives and brings forth sin, and when sin reaches maturity it brings forth death" (James 1:15), so the contraceptive mentality gave way to Roe v. Wade (1973), and abortion on demand led to the anti-family gay marriage and civil union rulings that are taking place today.

Fortunately, all is not lost—yet! While it's true that John McCain was not the best man the Republicans could have nominated, he is far from the worst (indeed his one divorce and later re-marriage to a younger, richer model seems smack in between Mike Huckabee's lifelong union and Rudy Guliani's trifecta of messed-up marriages) and his faults are not grave enough to not get your vote. First of all, the best candidate, Huckabee, is still in the running for VP, so we must continue to pray and petition Johnny Mac (and Jesus Christ) so that the truest pro-life voice in contention is picked as running mate. But even if this fails, remember that the McCain's not only have adopted a child, but this babe came from the arms of Blessed Mother Teresa herself—and that child has grown to affect them more powerfully with each passing day.

And what, pray tell, is the alternative? Know that if Obama wins the election, educators such as myself will be forced to resign from public schools for refusing to teach that New-Age parents Johnnie and Matt are just as moral (and normal) as the traditional John and Mary, that priests will be arrested and charged with hate crimes for preaching that practicing homosexuality is sinful, and doctors will be disbarred for not taking the new "Hypocritic" Oath requiring them to not only approve, but perform, abortions. On that day, we will be forced to guard our cathedrals with cannons, protect our holy hospitals with hidden handguns, and storm their abortuaries to rescue the unborn (and their mothers) from being killed (and wounded) against their (and His) will. For as in the time of Lincoln, we have arrived at an era in our nation's history where the United States will experience a rebirth of freedom ... or perish from the face of the earth.


Anonymous said...

Tom, I hear you.

We are fast approaching the point where some kind of action must be taken to bring our country back to its original principles of morality and just government.

Regarding Obama: if he is elected, who knows what evil and violence he will unleash? I agree that the prospect is extremely troubling.

It's really, really hard for me to agree, but, as much as I dislike McCain and all he stands for, I probably will vote for him if it looks like Obama is going to win, but ONLY if Huckabee is his VP.

There, I've actually said it. It goes against everything I most strongly believe in to vote for McCain, but Obama is so bad on the moral issues and is such a dangerous demagogue (though I do agree with him on the war and energy independence) that even McCain is preferable.

In the hierarchy of moral values, the fight against abortion and sodomy are paramount---though I must insist that McCain is dead wrong on many other issues and will be a huge disaster for our country if he is elected.

This is a tough, tough decision, but in my heart, I am slowly starting to think you may be correct. I sure hope we never have such an awful dilemma again at the voting booth.

All of us Huckabee supporters sure tried to bring a good, decent man to the White House, didn't we? It's just too bad not enough people would listen.

Tom O'Toole said...

Julie -- While, short of St. Peter, I'm not sure if there ever was a perfect candidate, but Huck came close. Yes, DEFINITELY pray McCain chooses Huckabee for VP (although Michael and the Medved-heads' choice, the convert-to-Catholicism Bobby Jindal, would be acceptable), but short of Romney (his Mormon money makes me nervous) or Lieberman (!?#!), remember that McCain, through their adopted child, has Mother Teresa going for him, and we can never underestimate the power of this diminutive soon-to-be saint.


Andrew Dooley said...

You seem inclined to abandon a democratic system that has managed to work (though, I admit, not always perfectly) since our nation's founding.

A civil war? You use those words so carelessly, despite the bloodshed and animosity that similar circumstances created with less sophisticated weaponry and a significantly small population more than a century ago. It would be both immoral and irresponsible to so quickly abandon our system as soon as you find a serious disagreement with it, and in turn you favor war and destruction rather than reform.

Though you insist that a majority of Californians are against gay major, polling indicated the exact opposite

Do you approve or disapprove of California allowing homosexuals to marry members of their own sex and have regular marriage laws apply to them? (Same question asked every survey throughout the years)

Approve Disapprove
5/2008 51 42
2006 44 50
2004 44 50
2003 42 50
1997 38 56
1985 30 62
1977 28 59

I have no problem with your opinions, but invoking brutality on the order of a civil war is not just ignorant, it is immoral.

Andrew Dooley

Anonymous said...

You know, you have a point there.
If Mother Teresa trusted him, that does speak in his favor. We can't forget the angle of faith, and faith is about all we've got going for us now.

Tom O'Toole said...

Andrew - It's ironic that the first poll to show California is mostly pro-gay (if it was indeed a representative sample), comes right after the California Supreme Court ruling. But just as the southern states who voted in favor of slavery during the Civil War showed, some laws are still immoral EVEN IF a majority approves of them. By your logic, we should have just let the Civil War South secede and form a new country then -- and we should let California (and Mass.) secede from the U.S. NOW.

And I most certainly do NOT talk Civil War casually. I, along with the pro-life movement, led by the spirit of the saintly Nobel Prize winner, the late Mother Teresa, believe abortion is nothing short of murder, and is undermining the morality of our country just as the extermination of other races once undermined Russia and Germany. And to be charged with a hate crime and threatened with the prospect of jail time for espousing the traditional Judeo-Christian view on marriage (especially with children) as is now happening in countries like Canada and would happen here if Obama had his way, could leave our nation's orthodox Christians no opther option.


Tom O'Toole said...

Julie -- The faith, and Mother Teresa's heavenly intercession. Speaking of which it sounds like Mr. Dooley could use some of that about now too ...


Andrew Dooley said...

I was merely saying that the supreme court ruling is based both on the constitutional guarantee of equality for all men, and is reflecting a growing change in public opinion.

I am anti-abortion, but pro-choice. I think you would find that a vast majority of Americans who support such options in reproductive health do so as a last ditch measure to protect the health of the mother.

Abortion is a fact of modern life, whether or not it is legal, it will continue to be available. Late term abortion and abortion as a form of birth control disgust me, and they should be extremely controlled if not outlawed entirely. In cases of rape, incest, or any situation in which birth could result in the death of a mother, abortion can and must be made available as a safe medical option. Human life is sacred, whether fetal or condemned on death row. Human lives taken in a civil war over a policy issue such as abortion or gay marriage are just as sacred as the lives you are trying to "save" from abortion.

Both McCain and Huckabee support a war of aggression in the middle east that has been condemned by the Vatican and many other major international organizations. By almost any standard the war in Iraq is immoral, and the deaths and damage caused, both military and civilian have been unnecessary and fickle. I do not need heavenly intercession to see that supporting a candidate for political office in the name of saving lives if hypocritical if that same candidate is supportive of an illegal war of aggression, and willing to start another ("bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb iran" - Sen. John McCain)

Abortion is disturbing, awful, and an unfortunate problem that will not ever go away. It is best to limit the instances under which it is allowed to occur, but it is truly naive to assume that making it illegal will cause it to stop completely.

Obama seems best suited to handle international issues with respect and intelligence, guiding himself with sound policy and moderation, as opposed to deluded prayer and capitalistic greed. I do not understand the "evil and violence" he is capable of unleashing? Has he spoken at all with violent rhetoric? Who would he be attacking? Surely he is the least likely of all major candidates to launch a war of aggression, whether in or outside of this country.

Tom O'Toole said...

Andrew -- I totally agree with you that Bush botched the Iraq situation (and subsequent war) big time, and also completely agreed with JPII that we should not have invaded. But given that error, Pope Benedict has also said it would be a greater mistake if the U.S. now suddenly left. Also, you put yourself on the side of "Cafeteria Catholics" (and that phony Fr. Pfleger) by selectively following and/or quoting the pope when it suits you. If you really agreed with the pope, you would know that there was no way you could vote for Obama, as Rome has always taught that the abortion/euthanasia issue is first in importance over capital punishment, poverty, war or anything else.

I cannot read the future on the abortion issue as you can, but, of course, people said the same thing about segregation and slavery, that it would always be part of our country. But EVEN IF what you say is true (that abortion will always be with us), Christian faith AND democracy dictates one must not only acknowledge injustice, but actively fight (like Martin Luther King) to change it.

You and others fail to see the dire consequences of the government changing the definition of marriage/family. If gay marriage becomes the law of the land, what's to stop polygamy? Or incest? Or the "marriage" of man and monkey? Remember, Hitler not only promised "change" and "hope" for Germany, he actually DELIVERED ... transforming the German economy from hopelessly backward and broken to a near full employment world powerhouse in less than eight years. But at what cost?


Andrew Dooley said...

Tom -

I am glad that our "debate" never entered the rancorous state that most online discussion does.

I am well outside of the Catholic Church now, confirmed without my family's support three years ago, but the subsequent sexual abuse scandal along with Michigan Catholics' heavy vote against Kerry made me unhappily leave the church for good. I have no church, I miss the beauty and ceremony of the Catholic church immensely. I am just a man of heavy doubt.

Abortion is the most important issue to you, and to the Vatican, and I completely understand and acknowledge that importance. Hopefully one day abortion will not exist, but I cannot see any way of that happening without birth control. Which is a dead end argument, so allow me to move on

Who is Hitler in this comparison?

Also, I want to be damn sure that homosexuality isn't genetic before I go about making any decisions about what counts as an "immoral" lifestyle. It occurs to me that gay men and women may well be born that way, and am withholding judgement otherwise until then. My gay and lesbian friends have not actively turned me towards evil, it does not seem natural, but many argued that inter-racial marriage was not "natural" either. They were proven to be fools. I don't want to be.

With an awful lot of respect,

Andrew Dooley

Tom O'Toole said...

Andrew -- Yes, as Chesterton used to say after he converted to Catholicism, "The worst argument for Christianity is Christians." Or as C.S. Lewis, not a Catholic but a high Church Anglican heavily influenced by his Catholic friends G.K. and J.R. Tolkien (and wouldn't you have loved to sit in on those dinner conversations!) wrote in The Screwtape Letters, try (as a demon) to get your victim NOT to look at the priest as he consecrates the host into the Body of Christ, but instead get him to focus on his neighbor in the next pew who cheats on his wife.

As for Hitler, on the surface it seems more apt to compare Adolf to Barack's former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah "Wrong," but in many ways the comparison still fits. Of course, Obama is much more subtle than The Fuehler was, but they were both mesmerizing speakers who swept away a nation without the masses realizing their dark side -- until it was too late. Just as Hitler did not immediately say in his first stump speech that he intended to kill 6 million Jews, Obama does not say how many more millions of deaths his liberal abortion (he is the only candidate that endorses "abortion" -- or shall we say homicide -- after birth!!) and euthanasia (he vehemently opposed the Terri Schindler Schiavo intervention) policies will cause.

And with the Dems emphasis on Global Warming (a.k.a. population control) to limit the amount of new "carbon footprints" on our planet, is China's one-child policy (not to mention fetal soup) that far away from the USA if Obamination gets elected?

As for the gay question, I too favor environment over hereditary to explain this condition, but I haven't ruled hereditary out either. But you at least must concede that homosexuality is not the natural way to have children. So EVEN IF homosexuality is hereditary (as many say alcoholism is to the Irish) the Church still says this person must refrain from its practice since sex that is not open to both the unitive and procreative aspets of the act is not total, true love. Perhaps some type of legal-without-kids union between gays could be allowed, but NOT marriage with children.


John Ryan said...

Andrew -

As Tom alluded in his last post, Sen. Obama has taken a conscious position to allow the murder of children "inadvertently" - at least from the abortionist's point of view, not God's - born alive by way of a "botched" or simply too late late term abortion. The Infants Born Alive Prrotection Act, which requires proper care, nutrition, and hydration for an infant born alive from an abortion, passed the U.S. Congress before Sen. Obama arrived, but it passed both houses with near unanimous support and Congressional darlings of the abortion lobby politely advising their patrons essentially that no Congressman could afford to oppose these protections.

In the Illinois legislature Sen. Barack Obama was one of very few, if not the only, legislator to take an active interest in preventing a state version of such legislation from being enacted, even though much of the impetus for the federal bill and numerous state versions came from a nurse, Jill Stanek, who blew the whistle on a policy at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois, whereby such babies were to be left in a sterile bowl without any form of nutrition, hydration, or care. Obama cast at least one record vote against the legislation at the committee or subcommittee level and openly worked to have the legislation assigned to a committee or subcommittee he chaired or could control without record votes two years.

Further research by Jill Stanek turned up strong ties between Obama's then-church, Trinity united Church of Christ, and Christ. Rev. Jeremiah Wright had served previously on the governing board of the group which then owned Christ Hospital and two ministers in his employ at Trinity were on the board of a new ownership group at the time Obama scuttled the infants born alive protections.


Tom O'Toole said...

Dear John,

Thanks for your comments and info on Obama. He's a mean one alright!
And thanks for being the inspiration for my civil war sequel of sorts, where the first battle takes place at none other than Notre Dame...

God's grace and Mary's prayers,

Anonymous said...

While I too wish there was a little more of the old days in the ways this country runs, I cannot help but notice all the doomsdaying which has been written about gay marriage hasn't come true. It has been quite misleading as there has not been a hell unleashed on earth, the sky didn't fall, and no scurge erasing floods have engulfed pro gay marriage regions. While I wish to stick to my own traditional ways I can see I am in a minority which may just have to come to grips. I don't necessarily like change, but it is going to happen with or without my permission. No civil war will be able to stop change. As has been written about many times in the Bible change is simply God's way of expanding his domain. God bless.

Tom O'Toole said...

Anonymous (9-13) -- In Canada, preaching against homosexuality from the pulpit is considered a hate crime, you could be jailed for it. You fail to grasp that abortion/homosexuality is not only unbiblical, but slowly but surely destroys morality, and must be spoken out against and ultimately corrected. If we don't, a civil war (as the one against slavery) is the final option.