Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Putting Lipstick on a Community Organizer: Sexism, Racism ... or plain ol' Democratic Panic?

I suppose it's possible that Barack Obama was not intentionally channeling Sarah Palin's lipsticked-pit bull joke with his putting lipstick on a pig poke, but even the most leftist of liberals has to admit it's highly unlikely. But in the end analysis, whether the sleek Illinois senator skewered the "Killer from Wasilla" naively or knowingly makes little difference, for every poll shows Barack has once again impaled himself on the flagpole of Palin Populism with his latest elitist comment.

Now before I delve too deeply into this current Democratic debacle, let me be the first to say that I do not consider Barack's pig jest sexist, anymore than I consider Sarah's community organizer jab racist. To myself, both jokes strike not at the struggles of race or sex, but of class. Thus, if black democratic strategists saying that Palin's "CO" comparisons and small town pride statements are racist smacks of the same paranoia that led Jeremiah Wright to proclaim "the United States government caused AIDS and 9/11," the McCain call for Obama to apologize for his pig comment because it is sexist is somewhat missing the boat as well. Barack's joke backfired (and Sarah's succeeded) not because it "pitted" men vs. woman or black vs. white, but the upper class vs. the middle AND lower classes. Simply put, there will always be far fewer rich folks than those of modest means, so the candidate who attracts the latter two classes wins. And since Palin's real life "guns and Bibles" populism has proved far more genuine than Obama's ill-fated Ivy League plan to become "one of them," any attempt by the Harvard Law School-er to seize the middle class away from this University of Idaho potato (sorry, Senator Quayle) is now—despite the McCain's seven houses—doomed to failure.

"Sarah Palin's popularity is just another political bubble that's bound to burst!" declared the CNBC commentator this morning, trying his hardest to once again get high on stale Obama "hope-ium."

"Yes, but when? January?" said his more realistic sidekick.

Ah, January! The mid-point of the hockey(mom) season ...

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lissa said...

sarah palin is just plain mean.