Sunday, December 21, 2008

Your Day to Pray and Celebrate: A Poem to Jeanette on her Birthday

Along with this poem, my wife, Jeanette, found 12 roses each from a different saint, on the way to the computer.Today is the day we weigh your true worth:
It's the day we celebrate the anniversary of your birth!
So close to the day we celebrate Christ's-
So fitting as your heart is so close to His...

Remember the year you Converted, then became one with me-
And four kids in five years later, and we were family
Now twenty four years later, and the kids have all grown
And we wonder just where the years have all gone

Now nearly fifty, I fear I am now too old
To carry you again across the threshold
Still, though my strength may be gone, the will is still great
To find a fitting way with you to celebrate

Though feats of youth may not still be in my command
I hope that I can still hold your (ringed) hand
And bring home roses for you to smell, and for all to see
Then afterwards we'll say our Rosary

We'll pray for our four children, now all adults
Increase their Faith, Lord, and lessen their doubts
And then we will pet our peppy pup Bella-
Perhaps, in time, she'll too find a fella

And if fatigue then finds one (or both) fast asleep
Before the champagne that we share has been drained deep
May we remember to embrace when we do come to bed
As we first did on the night on the day we were wed

and then I'll recall my youthful decision
That, whether life brings us paradise or prison
That the Lord grant just one thing to remain true-
That I may spend the rest of my days here with you

To my wife Jeanette
Happy Birthday
Feast of St. Peter Canisius
Dec. 21, 2008


JimAroo said...

I must have been asleep to forget the 21st.... Happy Birthday, Netty.

Anonymous said...

Why thank you Mr. Aroo. And I hope you and the Mrs. had a splendid Christmas.