Sunday, November 01, 2009

Of Illegal Saints, Banned Blogs, and Bishop-Elects: WWJD

"Those were the days when the Irish and their wise monks saved Western civilization, back when mentioning saints wasn't illegal" --John Kass, Chicago Tribune

Sitting here on this All Saints Day, having (due to two jobs and a college class) not blogged on FIT in months, I figured it was time to, if not get caught up, at least get current. First, to all the Fightin' Irish fans, despite the fact I was definitely at the forefront of the "Dump Jenkins" movement after Notre Dame's dishonest president invited (and honored) our nation's pro-death president at last May's commencement, I still follow and root for Fighting Irish football. Indeed, while I respect those loyal sons who, after the ND-Obama debacle, decided to disassociate themselves from all things Notre Dame, I believe that the prayer and song offered
to Our Lady by Weis' charges before and after every game (which, thanks to some amazing comebacks, NBC is now showing to the nation along with QB Jimmy Clausen's dramatics), is proof enough that the team is still a great part of what is good and true at Notre Dame. And although the team's devotion (like its defense) is far from perfect, I believe its praying and playing can serve as inspiration for those of us who wish to lead the University of Notre Dame's comeback too.

For in these heady days of "Death Panels," government-paid (and sponsored) abortions, and Obama's dripping new "Hate Crimes" (or is it "Hate Catholics?") Bill, we have to get our inspiration any way we can. If the above quote from Mr. Kass' hilarious Halloween article is humorous exaggeration, he also knows the anti-administration blogs that have mysteriously disappeared since Barack signed this gay activist bill on the Feast of St. Jude is no laughing matter. And, since FIT tends to be the "Fox News" in the fight for Catholic orthodoxy, I realize that, while I might be the next blog to be banished, I too have to fight while I still can. For just as Beck and the boys have succeeded not only exposing Obama for the messianic socialist that he is (not to mention forcing Barack into getting rid of a few of his more bizarre czars) Our Lady's loyal fighting writers have pressured Notre Dame into creating a new master's program in "Pro-Life Leadership," and have even humiliated the not-so-Holy Cross leader Jenkins into joining the Notre Dame pro-life coalition in the annual Roe v Wade protest march on Washington--and his friend, Obama.

Fr. Joseph SiegelFinally, I'd like to congratulate our pastor, Fr. Joseph Siegel, on his election to Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Joliet. Being a humble, faithful servant of Visitation Parish, he neither sought nor desired the position--which is no doubt precisely why Pope Benedict chose him. True, Father, you are only an auxiliary now, but many, including Bishop D'Arcy of South Bend (who, due to his age, never really had the strength to take on Jenkins) might soon be retiring. "Never wish [the bishop's office] upon me!" my brother, Father Bill O'Toole (echoing the words of Christ at Gethsemane) once warned me--and now I think you know why. For in these days of death and dissension, WWJD no longer just stands for "What Would Jesus Do," but what would John Kass and Jimmy Clausen and Joseph Siegel do--with your decisions now even more important than those of a national newspaper journalist or the quarterback of the Fighting Irish. But do not be afraid!

After all, it's not All Saint's Day for nothing.