Friday, November 20, 2009

Second Collection for Abortions? Stop the Madness and Stiff the CCHD!

This Sunday, November 22, 2009, Fighting Irish Thomas has gotten wind that the second collection in many U.S. Catholic parishes is going to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. According to excellent orthodox sources, including the tireless defender of the Faith, Michael Voris, the CCHD has used its donations to not only promote contraception and fund abortions, but to lobby for the "equal" rights of gay priests and lesbian nuns. While admitting to a few "slip ups" in the past (including millions to Obama, ACORN, and the ACLU to name a few), the CCHD now says it is clean, but to me that's like Fr. Jenkins sending letters to devout Notre Dame alumni extolling the virtues of the grotto when he needs donations to pay Fr. McBrien's salary.

Listen to Voris' piece (above), then go here and slip "Reform CCHD's" great protest coupons in the basket instead. If you have a bishop or pastor that's on the ball, and don't have the CCHD collection this Sunday, all the better. But for the rest of us, show them you won't be duped, then donate your spare change to Michael Voris, RealCatholicTV, Operation Rescue's Randall Terry, or FIT instead. You (and Our Lady) will be glad you did!

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